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Open Items



  • In MV last week, was great to see everyone and the face time was very valuable.
  • Learning the ways of the Metrics
    • I sat down with Daniel E. from Metrics and learned about the tools they use to build ETL jobs and data warehouses.
    • I think these tools could be useful to webdev projects, and I'm not sure anyone on webdev knows how to use them, so I'll be trying to document things as I go along.
  • SFx 3.0.3 concluded last week, on to 3.0.4
  • Looking to spend time on rewriting the AMO install buttons this week.
  • New Campus Reps design (phase I) should launch next week.
  • Lots of talk of new projects...
    • Campus Affiliates, a pilot project for an upgraded Affiliates metrics system
    • Badges.m.c, would take the Campus Affiliates pilot to the next level
    • Back to school, Upgrade the Web guide,
  • Thinking about Mozilla.com: Making it faster, and making better use of high-traffic real estate.
  • If I get a chance, I'll work on some Community Store bugs.


AMO Search

  • added a bunch of search filters to the API
  • making a lot of database changes :(
  • Created a VM that I'll begin using for functional testing


  • Waiting on Copy, etc.




  • zh-TW of onebillionplusyou.com pushed out
  • Phonebook
    • integration of org chart in phonebook, not the other way around
    • brainstorming different phonebook Views, add your own on whiteboard by sarah, or ping me
      • index card view (made sexy by chowse)
      • tree view (implemented, with live filtering)
      • seating chart (courtesy of rdoherty, yet to be integrated)
      • face wall (like CoolIris, but 2D)
      • a flash card game?
      •  ???
      • profit!
  • PTO
    • many bug fixes, refactoring
    • single-day support
    • implemented Atom and iCal feeds
    • timezone correction for PTOs coming up; currently naïvely assumes all timestamps are ZST ('Zilla Standard Time)
    • Microsummaries for PTOs?



  • the joys of productization - how templates should work, finding dependencies, talking to momo (again)
  • trying to work out why the netscaler is sending password requests (bug 506547)
  • writing API docs (AMO and SSO) since arm seems to be sort of working again



  • AMO: fought with the timeplot JS library - it won the first round and delayed an updated stats dashboard
  • Other: brought my git skills up to date


  • See rdoherty for Cesium stuff
  • Wrapping up getpersonas l10n stuff


  • PFS updates for Flash and Shockwave bug 416396
  • AUS updates for releases -- throttling craziness bug 507633
  • MCC stuff


  • Labs 2.0 fine-tuning
  • BYOB mocks
  • Kickoff/scheduling SUMO forum UX project
  • AMO contributions
  • Moving this week, will be AFK Wednesday, Thursday, possibly 1/2 friday


  • Friends of Mozilla Service Week release today
  • de, es, and fr moving along. Target release next Monday
  • FYI I'm out Thr and Friday of this week



  • AMO Validator
    • Good to go for 5.0.8 push
    • Tackling bugs for 5.0.9, including running tests on upload
    • Worked on a few random AMO bugs yesterday while waiting for patch feedback


  • Converting AMO's localizable pages to .po for Verbatim. Trying to figure out if and how to merge already localized pages (bug 507413)
  • Will go to Berlin tomorrow to spend Thursday at l10n work week. Planning on:
    • Showing off Pootle and getting some feedback
    • Discussing how to allow localizers to translate using Pootle but not forcing them to
    • Gathering some requirements for localization in the near future. We may not have a lack of tools, we may lack a place to "hold the strings together". Make a l10n.m.org like qa.m.org?


  • AMO 5.0.8 set to launch on Thursday, Aug 6th
  • Blackhat/Defcon
    • $some_large_company has a security team that writes all their critical libraries (CC processing, login, etc.) and then makes the libraries so easy to use you'd be an idiot to write your own. Then they get consistency (security) for free.
    • The big SSL hack news that came out (\0 chars) is already fixed in FF3.5. woo.
    • Free email services like hotmail, yahoo, gmail expire your address after $x days. Registering expired addresses for password recovery has been at the heart of several attacks lately - log in to your old addresses.
    • L10n has a whole pile of injection options.
    • Our "building add-ons" page doesn't mention security
    • Our editors' guide focuses on malicious add-ons but ignores vulnerable add-ons
    • Suggestions to help add-on authors: Follow OWASP guide, use similar/prewritten code when possible
    • You know all those people that hang out on forums? Defcon is like that, only in real life.