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Open Items




  • AMO sphinx enabled search is now in SVN for the API. See searchapi.html for an idea of how to use it or ping me :)
  • Thinking of Mozilla SSO
  • Documenting AMO Sphinx for end users and for IT... fun.
  • Game: Evony... no, just kidding... I've been playing a lot of Civ Rev for DS... it's alright.


  • Landed add-on recommendations and recently-viewed collections
  • (Maybe) fixed db issue with temp tables vs. sub-selects
  • New schematic features:
    • --update or -u to change the recorded schema version with running migrations
    • now showing the elapsed time for each migration, just for Fred (thanks! --wenzel)
  • I've probably spent more time playing Mario 64 than any other game


  • SUMO 1.3 freezes next week
    • Focusing on prepping SUMO for Fennec
    • Building Smarty templates
    • Fixing SUMO-specific audit bugs
  • GoldenEye - Will always hold a very special place in my heart.


  • Phonebook, codename "Reannuary", is finally near deployment
  • Lights On app will be deployed by the end of this week, ideas for names?
    • "Clapclap" - kourge
    • "Let there be light" - dtran
    • "Illuminati" - mccammos
  • new Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) library also needs a name.
    • "milky way"? --wenzel
    • "Crosshatch" - kourge
    • "Hashpound" - kourge
    • "Octothorp" - kourge
  • Half-Life 2 and Portal





  • AMO: statistics dashboards are my life (mostly)
    • Discovered that vim expressions can be used in a replacement clause (s/foo/\=expr)
    • Used this and Rndm.vim to quickly generate sql for a ton of dummy stats
  • Not much of a gamer anymore, but I have fond memories of Quest for Glory


  • Last week :'-(
  • Finally beat RHEL
  • Working my butt off with rdoherty on Cesium 1.0
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind


  • mozilla.com - sprints, plugin stuff, survey stuff
  • lots of meetings
  • Quake II lithium deathmatch (with grapple hook)




  • Cesium slicing
  • Launched Labs 2.0 website
  • Small perf. improvement to graph server
  • AMO download button rewrite
  • Half-Life


  • Auto-validation on upload
  • Other random AMO bugs that I can snipe here and there
  • If you have an AMO bug you want that's not too grandiose, just assign it to me.
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon or AoE 2 - pretty much any RTS


  • Blogged about Web L10n issues (part 1, 2, 3)
  • Got my patches in for AMO 5.0.9
  • brainstormed with ozten on a .po live editor
    • Mozilla Service Week could be a good-sized "guinea pig" for this
  • favorite video game: GTA San Andreas (haven't played GTA4, my computer's too slow ;))


  • AMO 5.0.9 looking decent, freeze on thurs
  • new l10n files are pushed, look at how awesome