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Open Items

  • Assuming I can get a mockup together that passes muster with the group, can anyone help build out a webdev blog redesign?
    • I've had enough of WP for a lifetime :) - rdoherty
  • IT
    • RHEL - update on packages, VMs.
    • Any progress on Python in production?
    • Using Slicehost/Rackspace for testing/development. Recent developments from CloudKick.
  • Yslow! Follow-up on Yslow requirements.
    • Ryan - wiki page stuff
    • Mike - talk to SO
    • Mike - finish new prod acceptance doc



  • Wrapping up Spread Firefox 3.0.4
    • Campus Reps redesign launches
    • Better aggregation of recent content
    • Simple stats dashboard
    • Even some perf improvements (hopefully)
    • Lots of new content, and more...
  • Planning next month
    • Spread Firefox 3.0.5
    • Working on Campus Affiliates / Badges pilot
    • A few one-offs to build, Back to school 09, UTW Switch, Get personas page, etc
  • The Matrix


  •  :| Fennec coming soon page
  •  :/ MozillaID/IDMO... talking not doing
  •  :? Load testing Sphinx... might be happening?
  •  :) Reworking Frontend Search AMO to use Sphinx
  •  :) Star Trek


  • Collection ratings, AMO 5.0.9
  • Rocking flex box layouts
  • Flapping tongues about idmo
  • Picking up some Cesium bugs to replace mhahnenberg
    • Related: I need a new ping to my pong
  • ET



  • mostly UW orientation this week
  • deployed new phonebook in test, next phase is seating chart
  • refactored Octothorp, the Asterisk lib
  • next up, MozBeat
  • Renaissance, a French film, even though it ties with Serenity, which is mentioned twice already


  • about three weeks of vacation
    • 5738 miles on the motorcycle
  • apparently no major trouble while I was away
    • it's nice to not be needed
  • SciFi movie: Brazil (Monty Python meets 1984) "Hi, there. I want to talk to you about ducts."


  • AMO API Developers' Guide or bug 400996
  • SUMO 1.3 (freeze Thursday)
  • Planning Fennec support website timeline
  • Planning SUMO's future:
    • Compiled a list of things we er, dislike, about Tiki
    • Two days work with David Tenser and Marc Laporte (today and tomorrow) to review and plan
  • SSO scheming with dd and jbalogh
  • My first few choices were taken (good taste people), so it will have to be Starship Troopers or perhaps Aliens



  • AMO 5.0.9 bugs: stats, stats, and more stats
  • Got some good facetime with the Portland crew
  • Toss-up between Brazil and A Clockwork Orange


  • MCC stuff
  • Download stats page
  • Intern website (http://blog.mozilla.com/interns)
  • other meetings and stuff!
  • Blade Runner, with The Ice Pirates a close second.


  • Finished off BYOB designs, staging is coming along swimmingly thanks to lorchard
  • SUMO Ask a question and advanced search designs wrapped, slicing images, waiting for thumbs up/down
  • AMO "Share this" shared numbers wireframe, mocking
  • AMO top tags design research and whiteboarding
  • A few 5.0.9 bugs
  • Fiddling with the webdev blog design a bit - sneak peek
  • The Last Starfighter!


  • L10n support Mozilla Service Week
  • OneWebDay promotions
  • Socorro integrating griswolf's work
  • The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping. -- Blade Runner



  • Last day Friday :(
  • Landed validation on Upload for 5.0.9!
    • Fixing any validation-related bugs
  • Fixing lots of random AMO bugs
    • Most of these will probably land in 5.1
  • Brownbag today at 1PM
  • Clearly the choice is Serenity, because Firefly is a kickass series


  • verbatim: getting Pootle (post AMO-migration) staged
  • working on a prototype of a live PO editor, codenamed Pontoon on github.
  • partying with Mitchell, Tristan, Barbara, and Tomcat
  • not sure if it's my favorite, but Raumpatrouille Orion is pretty awesome.


  • 5.0.9 is frozen and looking awesome
  • Planning stuff for 5.1 (mostly developer.amo)
  • Less reviews this week, I feel so empty