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Open Items





  • Hooking up about:addons newsletter to mailchimp
  • Plowed through the add-on builder
  • mmm, bacon


  • Landed lots of code for SUMO 1.4, then backed some out, then landed a lot more!
  • Started learning git-svn and played with pv, all thanks to davedash
  • Pizza, the kind where you can soak the grease up with 3-4 napkins, but you don't.


  • moving again, thus afk most of the time. bonus points for decreasing my zip code by one, right back to my original zip code. (98006 -> 98007 -> 98006)
  • seating chart finally in progress; in contact with dportillo right now for 3rd / 2nd floor maps
  • two-faceted MozBeat:
    • Trickle, which is based on Summitr, shows targeted tweets, delicious links, and flickr photos (targeted means you have to explicitly tag them)
    • Moz-à-Vis, which is a collective name for visualizations of various Mozilla metrics, say, download stats or Bugzilla feeds (example)
  • still a lot of phonebook refactoring
    • various environment-specific stuff are now handled by concrete implementations of abstract classes (called Adapters, since they allow the phonebook to adapt to an LDAP environment)
    • assumptions still made, since these are integral to the Phonebook Experience™
      • the mail attribute being the globally unique thing that sets apart people in the LDAP tree
      • and the requirement of some field that houses JPEG blobs of people's photos
  • french fries++


  • Push of extensions tracking
  • Push of materialized views
    • performance regression


  • One more week of work to go. (Eeek!)
  • SUMO:
    • Shipping 1.4 on Thursday, with UX improvements and web client preview (watch for blog)
    • Fennec support site up in staging, team will post articles there and we'll port the db over to prod when IT have it ready. Fennec team has not yet supplied articles, supposed to have content by 25th (Friday).
    • Working with jsocol on comparison matrix. Thursday is D (decision) day.
  • SSO not in good shape
  • How can one go past bacon? Also [[1]]



  • AMO 5.1 bugs - everything hub
  • I like a good apple fritter on occasion


  • Interns website
  • Fennec fun
  • Plugin questions, support
  • Q3 wrap-up, Q4 planning
  • Corn beef hash & eggs over medium with lots of Tabasco mmmm


  • Volunteered for Service week, met and did web site audits with a bunch of people at the Centre for Social Innovation.
  • Mozilla Students page
  • AMO: "Surfacing add-on practices" wireframe, design, wireframed top tags page, performance badges wireframe
  • BYOB launched!
  • Started writing up a blog / newsgroup / forum post on Projector to gauge interest, get feedback
  • I want to be a nacho man.


  • Mozilla Service Week
    • phase 3 development
    • couple deployments, L10n support
    • Chris Double's Facebook Connect
  • UpYourPlug development
  • Helping griswolf and lars with their new materialized views
  • Helped community member setup Socorro

Might-O Donuts


  • AMO 5.1 bugs last week
  • Worked with Hidden Villa on their website and SEO
  • Visited Michigan
  • Cesium work with Jeff
  • Mozilla mobile advisement
  • Personas l10n
  • ARIA for moz.com
  • Garbage plate!


  • Got married
  • Currently doing the stuff that follows


  • AMO 5.1
    • thanks to everyone who closed bugs
    • on track to launch on 9/29
  • Working on getting our forums working. "Couldn't fetch mysqli" wtf
  • canned jalapenos
  • probably french fries