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Open Items

  • IT Items
    • IT Q4 Goals
    • Any open issues?
      • Preferred Python deployment method
    • Summary of what goals improve IT/Webdev relations:
      • Continue IT data/transparency trend. We'll focus on our monitoring & trending tools and expose data (performance trends on application servers, load balancers) internally to help webdev debug and scale applications.
      • Self-service development VM/VEs that mirror production for development (webdev)
      • Setup production-like access to webapp servers to facilitate debugging (webdev)
  • Updated Webdev Radar -- please review, will discuss in 1:1s
    • Add anything new or missing
    • Update due dates you're aware of
    • Fill in status and specs if you have them



  • Spread Firefox
    • Catching up on 3.0.5
    • Planning Q4
  • Mozilla.com
    • Implementing Surveys
    • Helping Metrics with A/B perf. tests
  • Favorite hobby: piano


  • AMO Meetup Chicago was awesome - even found people wanting to contrib to webdev
  • AMO Search released
  • AMO Search fire with Fennec API searches not working fixed and ready to deploy
  • Fixing AMO Search bugs
  • AMO blob dumping
  • Hobby: Commuter biking - this used to mean something when I worked more than a mile from the office.


  • AMO 5.1
  • Went to Canadia
  • Just r?'d Persona importer
  • Hobby: running


  • Pushed mobile.support.mozilla.org
  • Pushed SUMO
  • WebDev blog changes
    • Trying to get more community involvement in WebDev
    • Any ideas, suggestions?



  • MirrorBrain
    • took Frank's SQL and made it into a Bouncer to MirrorBrain migration script
  • Socorro
    • Collaboration with Metrics to replace all of Socorro backend to a 40 machine Hadoop cluster
    • reworked signature generation to handle pure virtual function call crashes
    • worked on debugging materialized views
    • corrected product/version problems with materialized views
    • schema changes
    • hacked a way for devs to get copies of raw minidump crash reports
  • favorite hobby: python programming while motorcycling with roses



  • PFS2 fun!
  • Will be in MV next week (10/12 - 10/16)
  • My hobbies, sadly, are basically all the same things I do for work.
    • Although I do sometimes roast coffee and fold origami


  • Mostly working on Stats Dashboards for AMO 5.2
  • Preparing for upcoming travels
  • Backpacking is a favorite hobby


  • Helping out with plugins stuff
  • Talking with some vendors about plugins
  • Q4 stuff -- meeting with other groups, goals
  • Basketball, video games and drinking


  • mocom Students page work (integrating content changes and personas preview code)
  • AMO mockups: addon practices (shelved for now), top tags
  • Add-ons 101 content ideas, wireframes
  • ongoing SUMO UX audits, compiling list of improvement ideas, some wireframe work (improved add a reply form flow), working on some patches for Ask a question polish
  • Ongoing Mozilla Projector wireframe/concept refinements, need to finish blog post
  • Met with Rob Campbell, Sean Martell to talk about getfirebug.com, ideas for rebranding
  • My favourite hobby: childrearing.


  • PluginCheck Blog post analyzing access logs to get Plugin Info
  • Wrapped up Service Week random tasks
  • Fighting with setting up a Desktop machine (64 bit -> 32 bit Ubuntu 9.4)
  • Hobby: Homebrew is fun


  • AMO button re-write
  • Personas l10n & various other hot-fixes
  • Added ARIA landmarks to SUMO & Mozilla.com
  • Snowboarding



  • AMO 5.1 went out. AMO team rocks
  • AMO 5.2 in progress, everyone says they are confident. Freeze is 10/13.
  • AMO:v4 (confusing?) in planning. Add your thoughts.
  • AMO onsite in 1 month. Buy your plane tickets.
  • Last weekend: puss on boots. That's right.