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Open Items

  • Goals
  • Radar
    • Needs updating, morgamic working on it this week



  • Mobile
    • updating localized pages
    • RC tomorrow (maybe?), launch on Monday
  • QMO - helping out with 1.2
  • AMO
  • best present


  • ADU web service coded and in testing
  • speed ups to other web services coded
  • considering partitioning top_crashes_by_signature to get a performance boost


  • AMO editor tools redesign is in progress
  • a Kodak instant camera was an interesting present


  • facebook quiz updated
  • flash versions updated (10.0.42 released recently)
  • q1 planning, q4 wrap-up


  • Getfirebug.com development - staging is live and site is 90% ready for launch. Could use some help with a sessions issue. (fox2mike was investigating, but is away)
  • Test Pilot - Development nearly done, was blocked by content, IT
  • EU Learn More page - development is done and in svn (/projects/browserchoice), just need to fix two rendering issues in IE 7, 8.
  • Kraft Dinner from my parents, because my mom thought "it's exotic"


  • Personas 2.0 released
  • Working on 2.1 & Q1 plans
    • CDN yeah!
  • Kindle


  • makin' webpages
    • minor stuff with moz.com. Haven't done that for a while so maybe it's stopped :)
    • Played with zamboni
    • Fixed a bunch of 5.5 bugs. Freeze is next week.