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The following is a template for a release checklist. Print this out and customize it to your needs. It has steps that take place over several days.

  • Meet and discuss goals, scope, and responsibilities
  • Name release (milestone 1.1) and use that target milestone to note bugs that are in the release.
  • Notify L10n
  • Notify Infrasec
  • Notify Operations
  • Create a bug per feature
  • Triage
  • Create a Rough schedule
    • Develop code
      • Triage new bugs as needed
    • String freeze
      • Notify L10n
    • Stage + dev
      • Notify QA
      • Notify Infrasec
      • Notify L10n
    • Dev bug fix
      • Triage new bugs as needed
    • Code freeze
    • Notify community to help test
      • Estimate release date and update Operations release bug
      • Notify QA, Infrasec
    • QA final test pass
    • Infrasec test pass
    • Triage bugs
    • Bug fixes
    • QA go, no go
  • Update operations bug with estimated ship date
  • Have PM, dev, qa, ops in IRC channel for release
  • Everyone tests release
  • QA signoff or rollback

Is branching required?

  • notify Operations to provision new stage server
  • create branch
  • dev on branch
  • stage
  • QA pass
  • merge branch once branch is ready to land on mainline
  • decommission stage server