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Badge Name Graphic Image Source
Credibility Credibility-2.png fontawesome "check-circle"
Remix Remix.png fontawesome "fork"
Privacy Privacy-2.png fontawesome "eye-slash"
Coding & Scripting Codingandscripting3.png fontawesome "code"
Composing Composing2.png fontawesome "pencil-square-o "
Search Search2.png fontawesome "search"
Design & Accessibility Design2.png fontawesome "design"
Sharing Sharing2.png fontawesome "share -square -o"
Web Mechanics Webmechanics2.png fontawesome "cogs"
Infrastructure Infrastructure2.png fontawesome "database"
Navigation Navigation.png fontawesome "arrows"
Security Security.png fontawesome "lock"
Collaborating Collaborating.png fontawesome "users"
Open Practices Openpractices.png fontawesome "fire"
Community Participation Communityparticipation3.png custom icon