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What is Mozilla Webmaker?

Why is Mozilla doing this? Why does it matter?

What are Mozilla Webmaker TOOLS all about?

Authoring tools and software that helping you make cool things. Teaching the web along the way. Webmaker Tools: apps that helps people make things on the web a swiss army knife or superhero utility belt for webmakers

  • Web video and audio:
  • Web pages:
  • Remixing:
  • Games: web-based games with Gladius.
  • Learning building blocks like HTML and CSS

tools for creativity, tinkering and invention. Built by and for web makers. From supercharging web video with Popcorn. To hacking and remixing with Hackasaurus. To making your own pages and projects in minutes with Thimble.

"Beyond upload." Unlock boundaries and creativity. Blast through constraints. Think bigger. Do things that haven't been done before. Unlock the full power of the web to solve problem, do the unthinkable, think bigger.