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We believe that people learn best with others and that mentoring is a powerful, distributed way to connect learners with instructors.

That's why the Mentor Community team will spend 2013 developing ways to link webmakers and mentors. The team will surface exemplary work from the community while also producing events, campaigns, hacktivity kits, tools and stories that help build a generation of Webmakers.


Making is learning.png

We see the mentor community as the intersection of:

  • Makers interested in learning
  • Educators interested in making

For example:

  • A hackerspace founder interested in running HTML courses
  • A museum director interested in a digital making program

These two groups, makers and educators, are situated in two larger movements:

  • the "Maker Movement": with a DIY ethos and an "If you can't open it, you don't own it" approach. A strong culture of documentation and sharing, collaboration and remixing. Has roots in physical spaces and physical objects, but important ties to the web. Examples include: Maker Faire, hackerspaces, tinkerers in electronics, 3D printing, CNC and more.
  • the "Learning Movement": challenges traditional education with its learner-centric, web-inspired approach to learning. A strong culture of peer learning, open course materials, and new kinds of assessment. Has roots in peer production, participation, networks of institutions & learners. Examples include: Massive Open Online Courses, YOUMedia spaces, instructors from computer clubs and more.