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2014 Priorities

Priority 1

  • Engagement Ladder. Make it easier to get started, become more involved, and contribute. Clearer pathways, calls to action, documentation, celebration. Including emails and community communications.

Priority 2

  • Web Literacy UX. Make Web Literacy the heart of our user experience on Webmaker.org.
  • Teaching Kits. Flesh out the Web Lit map with great kits built by community and in-house that feature modular activities, lesson plans and ways to teach and learn.
  • Training. Teaching people how to teach the web. Professional Development for educators. Guides, MOOCs, human support. Well-packaged on webmaker.org, developed and tested with Hives and other key communities
  • Events platform. Better UX. Capture data on event hosts *and* event participants.

  • Communications platforms. Better and more regular communications out to our 10,000 contributors. Plus horizontal communications so community can communicate with each other. Especially: connecting with other Webmakers in their local communities.

  • Improvements to Webmaker.org platform services. Including our login app, single sign-on, and new metrics services to support the engagement ladder work.
  • Appmaker. Introduce Appmaker as a Webmaker tool.
  • MakeAPI. Improve the MakeAPI to make it easier for partners and other developers to plug into our platform. Allow 3rd party tools and arbitrary URLS to be added to Webmaker.org.
  • Ramp up localization. Include localization of content and locale-specific curation. Become the most active project on Transifex.</strong>

  • Partnerships. Document our plan for engaging and working with partners. For Maker Party, Mozilla Festival, and beyond. Co-ordinate with Engagement Team to take a more holistic approach.
  • New markets. Key locales. Where are we focusing? What are we doing there to grow adoption and community?
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    Priority 3

    • Hive Infrastructure. "Hive in Your City" cookbook. Infrastructure to align, grow and govern.
    • Webmaker Badges. Aligned with the Web Literacy map. Plus badges for Webmaker Mentors and Hive participation. Dependent on BadgeKit, may also be rolled into engagement ladder work.
    • Profile pages. Turn Webmaker profile pages into a robust personal curation tool or "channel." Allow users and partners to easily curate things they’ve made on Webmaker, and from elsewhere on the web. Plus show off their engagement and recruitment efforts (badges issued, local members recruited, etc.) Co-design and test with Hives.
    • Mozilla-wide collaboration. Pursue opportunies for collaboration across the Mozilla project - SUMO, MDN, QA, L10N
    • Webmaker in Firefox. Explore ways to build Webmaker into Firefox and other Mozilla products -- such as add-ons and curriculum
    • Product Support. Webmaker Product support systems. Documentation. SUMO management.