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Mozilla webmaker logo-icon.png Webmaker Tools and Content 2013 Roadmap
Owner: Brett Gaylor Updated: 2014-01-6
Vision: Mozilla Webmaker provides tools, community and badges that help people move from *using* the web to *making* the web.
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2013 Priorities

  • Iterate on what "Webmaker content" looks like. Measure how users react.
    • starting point: "Webmaker lets you make content that's irresistibly hackable"
  • Encourage "learning by making"
    • lean into connected learning -- make our tools fun, easy and empowering
    • measure learning through badges
  • Create experiences that work in the spaces users already live online
    • Frictionless sharing to Twitter, Tumblr + Facebook
    • Facebook app
    • Native mobile experiences
  • Localization
  • Develop methods for external partnerships & developers to influence our codebase
    • ability to fork our codebase and submit pull requests we can integrate
    • ability to activate external libraries. eg, Processing.js
  • Expose enough "code" (e.g., markup) for users to learn web mechanics if desired
  • Make working open and agile both work

Development Process

  • "Train"-style releases. Ship new releases weekly.
  • Focus on early wins. Help users make more things, more easily.
  • Integrate with Product Marketing. To identify and build excitement about new content and features.
  • Be metrics-driven. User-driven priorities and decision-making as we go, instead of spec'ing out and locking into an entire year's worth of features in advance.
  • Creative content possibilities drive product priorities. We build tools that support creators -- instead of hoping creators will find uses for our tools.

Editorial Priorities

  • Think like a newsroom. React quickly.
  • Enter and participate in popular culture.


focus: Engage users with usability improvements and iterations on remixable content


Popcorn Maker

  • Sequencing
  • Fix remixing flow
  • Fix known Popcorn Maker UX fails:
    • Undo
    • Event defaults (e.g., remove tedium of changing fonts)
      • Fix weird escaped characters (a by-product of our security efforts)
      • Allow users to specify an event duration (instead of just start and stop times)
      • Fix layout of "tray." Make it resizable
      • Position new events at mouse location
      • Make new layers default to top layer
      • Change background colour of canvas
      • Extend default embed page to include meta-data like number of views.
    • Improve how our content appears on social platforms
      • Twitter cards (Thimble + Popcorn Maker)
      • Include related videos and remixes in post-roll.
      • Research requirements for a Popcorn Maker Facebook App. Initial version of our app working in FB.
      • Tweak UX to fit in Facebook box size


    • A "firehose" gallery of everything people are making with our tools, sortable by most recent and most viewed
      • First iteration is an internal tool used to highlight and celebrate what users make
      • Following iteration is public facing
    • A "mentors" top level page on webmaker.org linking out to community resources
      • Refresh voice and tone, celebrate press of Popcorn Maker and Thimble


      • Embedding in Thimble
      • Remix button in thimble
      • Fix Thimble project creation
        • html5 linting for projects we publish vs. full review


      • Immediate creation and testing of content types within existing tool features
      • Provide offerings for popular events (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, April Fools)


      • Help our users by building support.webmaker.org
      • Let users submit their own webmaker projects
      • Build a robust Facebook app
      • Improve Thimble instruction layer
      • Improve developer documentation to assist community members
      • Remixing within embeds


      focus: Enhance learning experience by layering in badges across infrastructure. Grow international audience by adding localization

      • As Open Badges Infrastructure reaches 1.0, integrate badges into Popcorn Maker and webmaker.org
      • Localize Thimble, Popcorn Maker and Webmaker.org


      focus: launch major Uk and European campaign with O2 / Telefonica. Welcome new users from Summer Campaign.

      • O2 "Hacking Popular Culture" content is launched
        • Functionality to support campaign
          • Improved Thimble instruction layer
          • Ability to synchronize content captured on mobile
      • Summer campaign brings large amount of users/mentors
        • Exposing HTML/markup in Popcorn Maker


      focus: Let users seamless move between code and media editing by unifying Webmaker tools