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Super Mentors are the backbone and leadership circle of the Webmaker community.

This section documents:

  • the skills and experience that make a good Super Mentor (criteria)
  • how one demonstrates they are a Super Mentor (evidence)
  • the organizational and peer support to activate, train and celebrate Super Mentors

which was the result of a community consultation.

Skills and Evidence

1. Super Mentors are very knowledgeable and experienced in web literacy.

As evidenced by:

  • A solid understanding of several Web Literacy competencies: https://webmaker.org/literacy
  • Using Webmaker tools extensively.
  • Familiar with other web literacy & digital making methods and tools.

2. Super Mentors are very knowledgeable and experienced in how people learn and strategies to teach skills to others.

As evidenced by:

  • A solid understanding of key learning methods and concepts, including Connected Learning, Making as Learning and the educational value of the Open Web.
  • Remixing or creating teaching kits to teach learners.
  • Teaching other mentors how to teach web literacy.

3. Super Mentors are very active as community leaders.

As evidenced by:

  • Organizing Webmaker events and helping others organize as well.
  • Contributing notably to the strategy and core offerings of Webmaker through participation in testing, community calls, mailing lists and other channels and by working in the open.
  • Recruiting, coaching and organizing mentors in their community.

Support and Commitments

  • Training to empower Super Mentors to be better mentor and leaders.
    • Super Mentors get: increase in skills and support to participate at in-person trainings
    • Super Mentors do: run local trainings, events and other activities as well as learn to build the teaching kits and tools they need.
  • Involvement in strategic decision-making.
    • Super Mentors get: early access and stakeholder consultations about key features of Webmaker and future plans.
    • Super Mentors do: constructively participate in these conversations
  • Recognition and visibility.
    • Super Mentors do: agree to be contacted by other mentors
  • Ability to badge Webmaker Mentors.
    • Super Mentors get: access to issue Webmaker Mentor badges.
    • Super Mentors do: review badge applicants and responsibility for the quality of new mentors.
  • Budget and swag to run local activities.
    • Super Mentors get: assistance in reviewing budget and additional resources that drive and recognize local mentors and activities
    • Super Mentors do: storytelling, accountability reports and sharing with the global community what they are doing.


  • Badge name: Webmaker Super Mentor
  • Description: This badge is issued by Mozilla to ‘Webmaker Super Mentors’ within the Mozilla community. Super Mentors are very active community leaders. They are very knowledgeable and experienced in web literacy, how people learn and have strategies to teach skills to others.
  • Criteria: See above (skills)
  • Issuer: Mozilla. MVP version: staff only.
  • Evidence: Link to Webmaker profile
  • Date Issued: Date
  • Tags: #supermentor, #mentor, #contribution, #mozilla, #community