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Webmaker Training as a Product for Pro and Amateur Users

Target users/customers

  • Pro: medium to large organisations and networks seeking to grow digital skills within their staff or network base.
  • Am: individuals and small to medium sized organisations and networks seeking to grow digital skills.

Substantial pain points addressed

  • Pro: Medium to large businesses and non-profit networks face a skills development crisis as consumer demand and/or changing business models outstrip the digital skills and confidence base of their staff and/or membership. Medium to large scale businesses and networks need a sustainable but scalable solution to their training needs.
  • Am: Small businesses and non-profit networks face a skills development crisis as consumer demand and/or changing business models outstrip the the digital skills and confidence base of their base and/or membership.
  • Mozilla needs to substantially grow the number of people around the world that can teach the web.
  • Mozilla needs a low cost but highly scalable solution to training people to teach the web.

Product description

For organisations, who need to level up the digital skills and confidence of their staff and/or network, our product provides a sustainable, scalable programme of web literacy training. Our product is unlike other solutions such as MOOCs and workshops because we build in a path for organisations to quickly move to a self-sustaining model of training led by peers.

Key benefits

  • Emphasis on peer led learning,
  • Graduates have both digital skills and the ability to share those skills with others,
  • Platform, curriculum, methodology open sourced and free to re-use
  • Emphasis on getting organisations to self-sustainable training programme
  • An informed, skilled and confident core of digital ambassadors supporting their peers in their digital growth
  • A network of digital ambassadors and mentors from across an organization who confidently engage with the digital needs and opportunities of their peers, communities and consumers.
  • Foundation for sustainable growth: The opportunity to have key personnel participate in the development and running of the pilot to learn how to adapt the model for ongoing use.

Alternatives and/or competitors

There are other training programmes focused on digital skills for large organisations and networks. These include small, targeted programmes such as Freeformers app days for boardrooms and large, online programmes such as Coursera and other OER platforms and MOOCs. Programs like Adobe Certified Expert, Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Certified Educator or Google Certified Educator use specific technologies as a basis for professional development. The vision of Webmaker Training is to become the "certified educator" program that uses the Web as it's technology.

Detailed description

Mozilla will work together with partner organisations to deliver the pilot stage of a scalable web literacy programme through:

  • Training: online and offline web literacy training for partners' staff.
  • Maker Party: events that inspire and support partners' staff to become web literate.

We will train 40 staff drawn from partner organisations through a face-to-face workshop run over 3 days. Participants will emerge as Webmaker Mentors with the necessary digital, mentoring and event hosting skills to be crucial drivers of their colleagues’ digital journeys. At the end of the training, these Super Mentors will pledge to support colleagues across a 4-week online training course for 400 of the partner's employees.

In the 2nd stage of the pilot, we will train these 400 participants using a combination of tools and platforms including one specifically designed for Webmaker Training, popular social media channels, and will use robust online tools such as Mozilla’s webmaker.org. All the online tools are readily available and require no additional software other than an up-to-date browser.

Participants will be introduced to key areas of the web literacy map (webmaker.org/literacy) with an emphasis on building digital confidence through the use and making of the web, understanding the importance of the open web and digital skills in today’s economy. As with all our training, participants will learn essential mentoring and advocacy skills. As part of our iterative design model, we will solicit participant feedback, conduct analysis and share our findings.

Training Benefits

Proof Point: Pilot with built-in assessment and reporting that will inform large-scale digital transformation across our partner's organisation. Capacity: An informed, skilled and confident core of 40 Super Mentors supporting their peers AND a 400 -strong network of Mentors. Branding: Position our partner's as an organisational leader in digital transformation for staff, community and consumers. Engagement: A network of Super Mentors and Mentors from across Telefonica confidently engaging with the digital needs and opportunities of their peers, communities and consumers. Advocacy: 440 staff that understand and can advocate for our partner's activities and value internally and as part of the wider community. Foundation for sustainable growth: Clear path for key personnel to participate in the development and running of the pilot to learn how to adapt the model for ongoing use.

The Maker Party programme will create tailored Maker event packs for Mentors to run Maker Parties within their organisation.

Maker Party Benefits

Reach: Extend the impact of the initial pilot training programme. Maker Party packs enable Super Mentors to run a number of events, including taster sessions, study groups and workshops for their peers during and after the online training has finished. Maker Party also provides skills consolidation opportunities for staff participating in the online training. Capacity: Maker Party event packs provide an excellent starting point for partners’ transformation into digital skills providers. When combined with a trained Mentor, the packs represent an opportunity for partners to run events to a scale that suits them with minimal development cost. Brand: Our partners are positioned as global leaders and innovators in the Maker Party community delivering thousands of events around the world. Leveraging Learning: The opportunity to have key personnel participate in the guided assessment, curation and remixing of the teaching kits that go into the Maker Party packs with the potential to inform and enrich the Webmaker online curriculum.

Deliverable details

  • Training design The agenda of the workshop and the online training curriculum are done in tandem with partners. Mozilla will conduct an intake interview to help guide the design of the agenda. Mozilla will then prepare a draft for partners to think about and react to. Then we iterate :)
  • Online training
 Includes delivery of a 1-week programme in English* prior to the live workshop. This includes the online platform, resources & kits. While there is room for some bespoke curriculum, the budget is predicated on less than 10% of the curriculum needing to be newly created for the pilot. In addition to the course delivery, key live milestones of the online programme include - twitter discussion, Hangout session recorded and available on youtube, live weekly conference call.
  • 3 day workshop Includes minimum 2 full-time facilitators including their travel and accommodation costs (we often have 3), venue hire if in London, tea/coffee/snacks for duration if in London, all teaching and support resources such as sticky notes, pens, white boards, wifi access and laptops/tablets use for participants if in London. Does not include main meal catering, any travel, accommodation or incidental costs and logistical management for participants.
  • Online support Includes delivery of another 1-week programme in English* after the live workshop for reflections, questions, ongoing connection and support. This takes place asynchronously, and is supported by ongoing community facilitation.
  • Assessment 
Includes participant surveys for workshop and online training, analysis and a report at the end of the pilot summarising participant feedback including their rating of the experiences.
  • Teaching kits Two teaching kits. One for use by Super Mentors with staff, the second for use by Mentors within Maker Parties.
  • Maker Party assets 
40 Maker Party swag packs including T-shirts, stickers and table cloths.
  • Mozilla Support
 4 x weekly online discussion sessions to introduce tips and tricks, answer questions and meet other people from around the world holding Maker Party events.
  • Branding Partner organisation included as a branded partner on the Maker Party website, appropriate Maker Party press and global outreach, community newsletters, emails, the Webmaker blog and social media campaigns.