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Webmaker Training has evolved a lot since our first version in 2013.

Our proposal is that these trainings should be run more like mini campaigns.

The goal is to get participants to take action. In all cases, it's to teach the web to friends and family.

Sometimes participants will take action on a specific topic, like net neutrality. Sometimes it's about a specific audience, like librarians. And sometimes it's more general about teaching web literacy to anyone who's interested.

Here's a quick recap of what roles are needed for a successful training.

One person can do more than one role, but for the purposes of clarity and future scaling, we've listed them all separately.

  • Overall Wrangler: Responsible that all the pieces of training are on time, well-scoped and of high quality. This person isn't doing the work, but coordinating others who are.
  • Learning expert: Responsible for the training content and structure to use best practices in learning and be a high quality experience from an educational perspective.
  • Subject matter expert: Responsible for applying deep expertise on the training/campaign's topic, such as net neutrality or libraries. Ensure the content is relevant and "state of the art".
  • Facilitator: Responsible for delivering content during live sessions. This person may also coordinate Teaching Assistants.
  • Teaching Assistant: Responsible for welcoming training participants, answering their questions and providing exemplary responses to each prompt. Help participants be successful. (Increasing the number of Teaching Assistants greatly improves the quality of the training by distributing participant support.)
  • Kit creator: Responsible for making a high-quality, compelling and user-friendly script that participants can use to take action. The kit can be remixable and link to deeper resources, but it should be short, easy to understand and get people make their first contribution as quickly as possible.
  • Partner outreach: Responsible for recruiting partners who can do any or all:
    • promote the training to their networks
    • be subject matter experts
    • be teaching assistants
  • Marketing lead: Responsible for getting people to sign-up. Write & send marketing emails, segment lists and otherwise promote the training to press, Mozilla channels, social media, etc.
  • Drip Email Architect: Responsible for designing the arc, CTAs and copy for the emails that participants receive once they sign up. Ensure they are crisp, effective and incorporate the best action and information.
  • Copy editor: Responsible for reviewing all copy (website content, kit, and emails) to ensure the appropriate tone & style as well as maximizing understanding and conversion.
  • Storyteller: Responsible for monitoring the training and social channels, as well as coordinating with the Teaching Assistants, to tell the story of the training and successful participants.
  • Badger: Responsible for designing and shipping a badge for this training (if needed) and for issuing badges appropriately to participants and training team.
  • Tech wizard: Responsible for updating the training platform, supporting the kit creation and generally squashing technical bugs to ensure training goes smoothly.