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Owner: Erin Knight Updated: 2013-05-20
Digital badges provide an exciting new way to get recognition for skills, achievements and civic engagement across the web.


web site: http://www.webmaker.org
about page:
messaging document / talking points: [link]

Get Involved



  • Mari Huertas - Lead Product
  • Chloe Varelidi - Assessment
  • Doug Belshaw - Web literacy standard
  • Atul Varma - Engineer
  • Carla Casilli (shared) - Badge system design
  • Chris McAvoy (shared) - Lead Tech
  • Jess Klein (shared) - Design
  • Andrew Hayward (shared) - Web Dev

For overarching look and responsibilities against plan, see RACI chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmOvmKmzqrQxdHNaX0lnNHRYWHkyQjFlT3cycGlkd1E&usp=sharing

Tracking Progress

  • We put all our work in Github, including milestones.
  • We have a morning stand each Monday where we walk through the week's deliverables in the work plan spreadsheet.
  • We have morning stands Tu/W/Th to update progress on those deliverables in our OB Daily Stands Etherpad.
  • We wrap up the work week in our stand each Friday and see what shipped, what didn't, and adjust the work plan spreadsheet accordingly.
  • Essential milestones all are covered in work plan spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmOvmKmzqrQxdHNFZzJWQXdPejNHS29od2YyYnI3cEE#gid=0