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How to hack a clock app with Meemoo

What is Meemoo?

Meemoo is an easy way to wire together mini applications to make an output. You can make a stop-motion animated GIF, paint on webcam images, draw a picture with math, or make custom clocks!

Each wire shows how data (image, text, or number) travel through the app. To add a wire, drag from one port to another. When you start dragging a wire, the compatible ports are highlighted. To delete a wire, just unplug it by the handle.

Check out the different kinds of clocks that you can hack, and make your own clock app. A DIY project from Meemoo.org: hackable web apps.

Step 1: Check out the example clocks and chose one as a starting place.


The analog version, start from: http://meemoo.org/iframework/#gist/2760122


The digital version, start from: http://meemoo.org/iframework/#gist/2923185

Step 2:

  • Analog version: Experiment with changing the images in each of the image-in modules. Try changing the values in the transform modules.
  • Digital version: Experiment with changing the font, color, and other values in the text modules.

Step 3: Experiment with adding modules [+module]. Can you add a webcam image to your clock?

Step 4: Save your app and share the links. Tweet your links with the #meemoo hashtag.