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Play the Picture Puzzle of Alice


Project by Gauthamraj

What this project is about ? What you Learn out of it ?

  • The project is about solving a picture puzzle of Alice
  • Inorder to play the game , all you need to know is " How to Copy and Paste ".
    Simply , just two things Ctrl + c (Copy) and Ctrl + v (Paste)
  • You will learn , how to use pictures from other webpages on to your webpage
  • Also , you will learn how to edit contents on web templates as per your needs
  • Little , investigating work to your brain by solving the puzzle
  • As, the project needs only knowledge on copy and paste will be very useful for beginners (especially to kids)

Solve this Picture Puzzle of Alice , to start playing the game all you need to know is how to copy and paste a link :) A Simple project from Gauthamraj.

Step 1:Get into the games starting page , where you can find nine hyperlinks each takes you to nine different pieces of the puzzle .Click here to view the start page

Step 2:Wisely use the Clue option given on the start page , to get an idea on how the puzzle picture looks like :).

Step 3: To start doing the puzzle , click on the respective option on the start page

Step 4: You will get a thimble edit page with some html codes on it . You will find nine img tags to which you need to add the correct url of the puzzle pictures ( url can be obtained by clicking the Hyperlinks on the start page ) , to finish the game.

Step 5: Why not , give a nick name to alice of your choice ? To do so , just find the line Relace this line with your nick name and replace it with the name of your choice

Step 6: You can check the puzzle is solved or not only after publishing your work (in this project only)
If anything wrong , just switch the tabs and edit the codes accordingly.

Try it now

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