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White Flag Map




Creating a map for everybody who wants to place a white flag on his house and share it. A DIY project from Volker Schmidt.

Step 1: Created an landing page of White Flag for everybody.

Step 2: Created pages on Facebook, Google and a Twitter account.

Step 3: Participation awareness:

  • Anybody who wants to participate could claim a domain name containing WhiteFlag of his own country and point it to the landing page.
  • The Facebook and Google pages needs content.

Step 4: Next step is to create a map:

  • internet platform launched on basis of ManagingNews, which can be found at WhiteFlagMap.
  • Different platforms are possible, most likely Ushahidi, a combination with Statusnet might be usefull.
  • using different map providers like OpenStreet map.

Step 5: Spreading the word:

  • by means of the media - social, press, etc.
  • I started a project at Masterpeace which can be found as WhiteFlagMap. MasterPeace wants to inspire everyone to use his or her talent and energy for building peace and togetherness.
  • more detailed steps to be anounced.

Step 6: Having enough users it could even be possible to send a request to the UNESCO for a worldwide White Flag day.