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Project Description

This project (codename: Affiliates 2.0) will redesign the Affiliates website to match Mozilla's current style guide, and add numerous features requested by users of the site. It supports organization-wide goals for increasing the size of Mozilla's contributor community and increasing awareness, adoption and usage of Mozilla's products.


This project will include items on the Websites/Affiliates/2014_development_roadmap.


The primary and secondary contacts for each role of this project:

  • Product owner - Chelsea Novak
  • TPM - Justin Crawford
  • Developers - Mike Kelly, Josh Mize
  • L10N - Matjaž Horvat
  • Designer - Lee Tom
  • Copy - Matej Novak
  • UX: ZURB
  • IT - Chris Turra
  • QA - Matt Brandt
  • Security - TBD
  • Privacy - TBD


Code Repository


If you don't see a timeline below, please visit Smartsheet directly. TL;DR: Launch target 2014-05-08.



Affiliates 2.0 bugs will all be a part of Milestone 5:

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