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Meeting Info


  • Michael Kelly <Osmose>
  • Jessica Osorio <jessosorio>
  • Eli Kariv <Foufy>
  • Matt Brandt <mbrandt>


  • The public stats dashboard is in final code review, and is expected to be ready for QA on Tuesday. We aim to launch it later this week.
  • Fraudulent click detection development is in-progress.
  • A creative bug has been filed for the broken previews, and community member Elio is considering taking it on. Eli will confirm.
  • Work on the roadmap continues. There is a draft schedule, but dates are just projections; no paid contributor work is guaranteed until a marketing brief is filed and accepted.
  • mbrandt will be starting to help community members and non-QA team members cover the QA workload as he has to help out on some Firefox OS QA for a while. He will continue to play QA steward for Affiliates in the meantime.

Agenda and Notes

Outstanding Tasks

  • Foufy to file bug with creative for missing previews
  • Osmose to work on fraudulent clicks
    • Currently being worked on.
  • Osmose to merge and push public dashboard
    • Waiting for last code review to be finished.
  • jessosorio and eli to work on priority list of tasks
    • Ongoing

Action Items

  • Osmose continue dev work on fraudulent clicks.
  • Osmose to merge and push public dashboard.
  • Osmose to see about dumping all banner images.
  • Eli & Jessica to update planet mozilla bugs expediting.
  • Eli & Jessica to continue work on roadmap.
  • Osmose to forward Active Affiliate discussion to jessosorio?
  • mbrandt set up discussion about risk assessment.

PTO / Work Weeks / Other Important Dates

  • mbrandt - July 28 - Aug 1 in MV for QA workweek
  • jessO - August 15 and August 29