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Communicate with our 25K+ affiliates every 1-2 months in order to increase engagement and keep affiliates informed of upcoming campaigns and products. Also, moar contests.


Affiliates welcome e-mail

  • make html and text based and sent through exact target
  • Template:
  • webdev bug - Jess to sketch out tech dev for setting up affiliates welcome and token information
    • more webdev detail to be added as we get it from Jess - essentially we need to connect Affiliates to Basket and create a preference centre page on
  • Welcome e-mail + token information into exact target
  • Target locales - EN, DE, ES, FR, PT-BR - Copy already in vertbatim - Chelsea to send to Jess for coding into exact target
    • non-target locales will have to choose from a selection of language options :(


  • Newsletter template to be coded into exact target - same as welcome e-mail design
  • Connect with localizers from target locales
  • Develop content schedule with e-mail team
  • File copy bugs!