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The following is information for the 1.0 release:


  • This site will be localized.
  • This site will be collecting email addresses in Responsys.}
  • This site will be sending emails via a 3rd party provider.
  • This site will need to be load tested.




Site copy

Front-End Code

Back-End Code


  • We will launch in en-US, NL, fy-NL, pt-BR, DE, ES, tw-ZH, SL and PL at minimum, adding in future locales when possible.
    • Priority locales to add for 1.1 or 1.2 release are: FR, IT, RU, IN,
    • Secondary locales for 1.1 or 1.2 (will add if site and buttons are ready) CZ, SB, DP, AB, GL

l10n process

Now that Affiliates is in verbatim, all strings and buttons should be localized there. Once a localization is complete, notify Chelsea to start button design. CC the localizer on the design bug so that they can confirm that the layout is correct.



Buttons for launch

File name pattern for buttons

  • subcategory-type-color-locale.png
    • subcategory: download, upgrade, mobile, ff_plugin, build-better-web, work-for-mozilla
    • type: small, tall, wide, square
    • color: red, green, blue, orange
    • locale: Any locales in production.
    • Example: mobile-wide-blue-en-US.png, download-small-green-DE.png, upgrade-tall-red-NL.png

Etherpads for l10n

Project Management


Bugs should be filed with normal visibility; Security bugs should be filed with private visibility.

Launch Materials