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Summary & Project Background

Currently, we have more than a dozen official Mozilla Blogs set up on different platforms. This raises several issues: Press, our users and even Mozillians often find it hard to find information they are looking for. The wide pool of channels also makes it difficult for our audiences to identify Mozilla's position on different industry developments.

Right now, we are managing our blogs through separate instances of WordPress and Tumblr; they have different themes and login processes. The way we have been spreading content and information across various platforms in the past reflects our internal team structure to external audiences. Moving forward, we want our communication to clearly reflect “One Mozilla”: People should be able to get a holistic view of Mozilla, easily and at a single glance.

This is why the PR team, Creative, IT and WebDev have been working on consolidating Mozilla's blogging platform. Strategically rolling up Mozilla’s blogs onto a single platform will allow us to direct traffic more effectively and present our brand and our messages to community, press, and users more clearly. Mozilla is growing and we have a large content network that we want to leverage more strategically to fulfill our mission.


  • Organize all official Mozilla channels into a workflow that would allow teams to publish from one, share a taxonomy, theme, url structure
  • Enhance SEO and domain strength
  • Create contextual relationships around content
  • Create clear communications to different readers: community, reporters, users
  • Reduced IT overhead (maintain only one theme)
  • Reduced security reviews for new channels by maintaining a single theme for all channels in one Wordpress instance


How will this central content platform look like?

Our new workflow will be built around our main Mozilla Blog: Each team’s blog will have its own content category (e.g. Privacy, Security, Identity etc.). All categories will be accessible from the main Mozilla Blog landing page. Once someone clicks on the category, your team’s blog will show up. Of course your blog will still have its own URL and will be accessible just as it was before. For users, this means that they will be able to access all content in one place, the Main Mozilla Blog. For you and your teams, this means that your workflow will be simplified and you will receive more traffic.

Will the design of my blog change?

The design of all blogs will be updated with the main look and feel of the Mozilla brand. A good example of how this will look like is the Mozilla Privacy Blog (,
which has already been overhauled and now matches our overall Mozilla Blog design. This way, we will be able to maintain and update the design across all content areas
as a whole all at once and don’t have to update blog designs individually.

How will my blog be integrated into the main Mozilla Blog?

Your blog (e.g. Security or Privacy) will be listed as a category on the right rail of the main blog's Wordpress theme. The workflow will allow the bloggers to continue to file posts under as many categories as they please, but will keep all of Privacy content in one folder and all of Security content in a different folder. This way teams won't bump into one another.

Will my blog’s URL still be available? Will my categories and links to my blog posts still be there?

Yes, your blog will still available at your URL (e.g. All links will still be working and redirecting to your blog posts. Team categories and archives will not change or be lost. Content will be organized by team and in silos – your workflow will not change by much at all, changes will be hardly noticeable for you.

How will this affect my blog’s traffic?

We'll help you get your message out to the world Blogs rolled up under the main Mozilla Blog will receive more traffic. We will also work on improving your blog’s SEO, content, and metrics as an ongoing project. We will be able to do more and better content strategy and coaching across We will still be able to measure your blog’s traffic separately.

What happens to my blog’s content? How will it be migrated?

The PR team will migrate your existing content over to the new platform. Once this is done, the blog will go through our regular QA. After the relaunch, you will receive your new log-in details for you and your team and are ready to kick-off blogging again. Your author details will not change. But even as people move on and teams change, all of our content will always have an organized home.

Will users still be able to subscribe to a single blog’s / category’s RSS feed?

Yes, each blog and category (e.g. Privacy or Security) will still have their own RSS feed users can subscribe to.


  • Prod URL:
  • Stage URL: No stage available for at this time
  • Code Repo:
  • L10N Repo: No l10n at this time
  • Code: HTML, PHP, Wordpress
  • Product Owner: PR Team; Valerie Ponell
  • Dev Team: Group; Person
  • IRC Channel: #www and #spinzone on
  • Team: Melissa Shapiro, Valerie Ponell, Mike Alexis, Chrissie Brodigan, Jake Maul

Meeting Notes

Weekly Meeting Schedule

Wednesdays 9:30am PT, SFO-7B Vidyo.


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  • Apps, coming soon - let's do it right the first time! (Ragavan)
  • B2G/Research, coming soon (Andreas)

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