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Captain Shove is the evolution of Chief. It only evolves if you trade it to another trainer while it's holding a Deploy Stone.

Elevator Pitch

Captain Shove is web-based frontend that communicates with a small daemon process on our admin nodes and webheads that executes commands for things like deploying a site, updating translations, kicking memcached, etc. The frontend is centralized and gives more control of the deploy process to developers, making life easier for both developers and operations people.

Goals and Measurements

  • Replace Chief for deployment of our websites.
  • Make everyone happy.



Why not simply ssh into the admin node and run the commands you want via fab, limiting power with sudo, taking admin burden off IT's plate by submitting Puppet patches?

  • Sometimes, non-ssh-knowing people should be able to do things, like update l10n files.
  • You don't need to know the VPN config or where the admin node is (which is usually a fairly hard-to-remember hostname).
  • You get free, accessible logging of what's been done by whom when.
  • You get (ideally) a code review to sanity-check the insane things you want to do.
  • Ops doesn't have to manually add access for new users to existing sites.


The primary and secondary contacts for each role of this project:

  • Product owner - Jake Maul (jakem)
  • Web Project Manager - Michael Kelly (mkelly)
  • Developers - Michael Kelly (mkelly), Will Kahn-Greene (willkg), Lonnen
  • IT - Brandon Burton (solarce), Chris Turra (cturra)
  • Security - Frederik Braun (freddyb), Guillaume Destuynder (kang)


Important Bugs