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This page contains all of the important details for Firefox Flicks 2013

Elevator Pitch

Firefox has a story to tell and we need your help telling it; help us get the word out about how we’re different, why people should care and why they should think about their technology choices.

Info & Specs




The primary and secondary contacts for each role of this project:

  • Product Owner - Kristen Baird
  • Design & Copy Owner - Gregory Jost
  • Developers - Michael Kelly / Craig Cook
  • TPM - Benjamin Sternthal
  • UX - Holly Habstritt
  • Creative - Lee Tom
  • IT - N/A
  • QA - Rebecca Billings
  • Security - N/A
  • Privacy - Stacy Martin
  • L10N - Pascal & Milos


Project Management



Active Development

Archived Development