Event - Firefox Live 2/Copy/2011-10-26

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Copy changes to be made to Round 3 of designs.

Brand and sharing block

As a non-profit, we're the only browser to protect you, make innovations that empower you and ensure the Web remains a public resource for you.

Video script

Much like these endangered cubs, the Web needs care and protection.

As a non-profit, we're the only browser that can truly protect you, putting your needs, privacy and experience first

and ensuring that the Web remains an open and safe resource for all.

Help us by sharing the cute.

Non-profit block

Firefox is made by a NON-PROFIT

We're the only browser that puts your needs, privacy and the greater good of the Web first.

Returning users overlay

  • Remove duplicate "Welcome back." Keep the instance in the orange header.
  • Capitalize the "Web"

Non-Firefox user overlay

  • Remote the word "transparent" so it reads "...remains an open and safe..."
  • Capitalize the "Web"