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Project bug: bug 694445


We're teaming up with the Knoxville Zoo once again to present a live stream of baby red pandas. The original Firefox Live website was created as a marketing campaign to teach the Mozilla community about the red panda, which inspired the design of the Firefox logo.

For more information on the previous campaign, see: [1] and [2].


  • Product Owner: William R
  • Engagement: John S
  • TPM: Christie K
  • TPM: Chris M
  • L10n: Pascal
  • QA: Raymond E
  • IT: Corey
  • WebDev: Steven (SO)
  • Security: Raymond F

Engine Company 1 will be responsible for the design & content of the campaign.

Silver Orange will implement the design.

Ooyala will provide the streaming infrastructure.




  • Desired launch locales: en-US, ES, DE, FR (other locales can opt-in as well)





Let's collaborate on #firefoxlive



  1. Utilize Ooyala's video player to show three streams from the Zoo (documentation forthcoming).
  2. Default camera angle is: 360 Cute
  3. The visitor should be able to switch amongst the three camera angles.
  4. Before the video stream of the cubs is shown, display an animated welcome message and "loading" bar over the video container.
  5. Track returning users to site with a cookie and display a different welcome message to returning users.
  6. If the visitor is not using Firefox, overlay a special message with a download button first before displaying welcome text and then the video.
  7. Page should include Facebook Like button and Tweet button for sharing the page. More info here.
  8. Returning visitors should see an overlay that includes a Facebook Like box and Follow us button for subscribing to our social media accounts. This will appear below the sharing CTA and buttons.
  9. Any pre-populated sharing text should be localized (but links back to mozilla.org should not include locale).
  10. Page should have support for RTL languages bug 697353.
  11. The Twitter stream block at the bottom should not be displayed for non-English locales as the content in the stream can't be localized. The two other blocks should be centered along the bottom.
  12. Desired launch locales: en-US, ES, DE, FR (other locales can opt-in as well).
  13. Metrics in order of priority: Standard WebTrends tracking by date/locale, number of clicks on each of the four social buttons by date/locale, download button conversions by date/locale, number of returning users by date/locale bug 697283


  1. Do we continue to show the returning user overlay and/or the non-FF overlay on multiple return visits (e.g. the 3rd, 4th, etc)?


  • Timeline
  • Soft launch: November 4
  • Public launch: November 9

(November 9th is the anniversary of the first Firefox launch.)