Event - Firefox Live 2/meetings/2011-10-17

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  • Status of sending equipment to the Zoo bug 694666
  • Engaging with Silver Orange
  • Timeline for Design (EC1)
  • Timeline for Implementation (SO)
  • Outstanding items for Ooyala
  • Locales targeting: en-US, ES, DE, FR (other locales can opt-in as well)
  • Other?

Timeline: [1]


  • Will start daily status meetings to check in on progress and issues

Action Items

  • ckoehler will reach out to QA about owner, needs and timing (done, bug 695227)
  • ckoehler will reach out to SO with planned schedule (done, emailed Steven)
  • ckoehler will monitor bug 694666 for getting the computers to the Zoo
  • williamr will reach out to L10n about needs and timing
  • williamr will reach out to EC1 about design and content timing