Event - Firefox Live 2/meetings/2011-10-20

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  • williamr
  • ckoehler


  • Updates from Christie:
    • ckoehler will connect with cmore on how best to prep strings for localization
    • ckoehler will continue to work with malexis on connecting with Ooyala to work out technical issues with video requirements
  • Updates from William:
    • williamr will confirm with John S that mozilla.org/firefoxlive will work for url
  • Other?

Timeline: [1]


  • expecting design comps from EC1 tomorrow (Friday)
  • let's share comps with L10N team so they can get an idea of scope
  • we'd like to release strings to L10N on Friday 10/28

Action Items

  • ckoehler will follow up with sgarrity at Silver Orange to confirm: date for string freeze and l10n procedure on static html pages.
  • ckoehler will follow up with sfrost at Ooyala to confirm: capabilities of their player, deployment process, what they are expecting from the zoo, and platform resources for this year's campaign.
  • williamr will receive and distribute the design comps from EC1