Event - Firefox Live 2/meetings/2011-11-02

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  • williamr
  • ckoehler


  • Updates from Christie:
    • Sent Ooyala settings to Zoo. Will follow-up in AM.
    • As soon as we decide on mobile streams, I will get contract info from Rich @ Ooyala.
  • Updates from William:
  • Other?

Timeline: [1]


  • soft launch on friday - 4 locales ready, someone needs to help push that to staging server
  • william sent text snippets to l10n, working on blog announcment, will review with PR team

Action Items

  • ckoehler to update security bug to give heads up that they can start reviewing now
  • williamr to confirm with john slater whether or not to add mobile option to stream
  • ckoehler to figure out who from webdev can push l10n files to stage
  • ckoehler to determine destination for soft launch on Friday (stage or prod)
  • ckoehler to call rich to follow-up with re contract