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Meeting Details


  • Introductions
  • Review of Contribute Booth @ Mozilla Festival and contributor onboarding at MozCamp Europe, MozCamp Asia
  • Note: MozCamp Brown Bag today at 4 Pacific on Air Mozilla
  • Discussion: Review of Contributor Audit findings
  • No meeting in two weeks on Dec 22 because of holidays

Action Items

  • Pierros to share lessons learned from Contribute Booth at Mozilla Festival. Others are welcome to share their thoughts too. Mozillians forum a good place for discussion.
  • David to keep recruiting volunteers at events as a standing agenda item.
  • All Stewards to fill in the template for their functional area by end of year.
  • Mary to share more about audit and hold a brown bag for discussions.
  • Josh to move forward with Bugsahoy work.
  • Josh to file bugs about broken/confusing contribution path information on Get Involved pages. Others are welcome to do so too. David to refresh that content when Stewards complete their action plans next year.