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Email boilerplate for third-party web dev contractors

Before project kickoff, the Mozilla project owner should copy the below text into an email and send to the agency/contractor.


Mozilla documents and guidelines for Web development


Hi There,
Here is everything you need to know for developing a web app with Mozilla. 
Please forward this email to all your stakeholders and team members working on this project. Looking forward to working with you on this!

Here is a contact list of the Mozilla team:
(add names and email to each)

Project owner: 
Technical Project Manager:
Web Program Mananger:
Mozilla Web QA:
Web Security contact:

Below is a list of documents and guidelines to help build the app to fit nicely within Mozilla's infrastructure. 

Front end coding standards

Security guidelines

L10n requirements

QA checklist (this is the document Mozilla's Web QA team uses in creating a test plan and conducting QA review).

Once the code is handed to Mozilla, we will use bugzilla for tracking all IT, QA and security development and bug fixes. If you don't have an account, please signup here:

Let us know if you have any questions!