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This is an email boilerplate for helping a new web developer at Mozilla get up and running quickly.

Email Boilerplate


Getting Started as a Web Dev at Mozilla


Here are links and information that will help you get your bearings:

== Meetings ==

Monday @ 11am - Weekly Company Meeting
* Mozilla Foundation; publicly accessible at
* Mozilla Corporation; privately accessible (LDAP auth required) at

Every other Tuesday @ 11am - Web Dev Team Meeting

== IRC == - Most discussions take place in the open.  Security topics take elsewhere.
#webdev - Web dev group

== Websites ==

"Webdev Bootcamp" -- A collection of documents to help you find your way around web development at Mozilla.

Mozilla Public Wiki - This contains all of the wiki information available to the public.  It's a massive data source for all public facing projects at Mozilla.

Mozilla Internal Wiki - This contains a lot of the important information that you will need to know at Mozilla.  Benefits, payroll, phonebook, internal meetings, travel, etc can all be found here (LDAP required).

Bugzilla - Your new best friend.

AirMozilla - Where company public meetings can be viewed remotely.  Brown bags are often shown here as well.

Zimbra - LDAP required - Where you will get email / calendar, etc:

Github - Mozilla's github presence

Subversion - Mozilla's svn presence

Phonebook - A company directory of all employees and contractors (LDAP required).

Websites - A list of all of the public Mozilla properties

Processes - A list of the processes that the web development team follows: