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Creating a SOW

With so many awesome Engagement and Web Dev projects, we occasionally need to hire third party vendors to help with UX, creative and/or development. Here is the process for hiring a vendor and creating a Statement of Work.

1. Product Owner initiates a project with Web Prod

2. Product Owner, Web Prod Manager and Web Program Manager discuss resources and it is determined that a third party vendor will be needed.

3. Product Owner, Web Production Manager and Web Program Manager discuss and decide budget and scope (i.e. how much are we willing to spend and who is going to pay for it?)

4. Web Program Manager and Web Prod Manager identifies potential vendors and discusses options with Product Owner

5. Web Program Manager, Web Prod Manager and Product Owner decide on potential vendor. If vendor is doing any creative work, must get John Slater's approval before going to step 6.

6. Web Program Manager reaches out to vendor to assess interest and availability

7. Vendor is interested (if not, repeat steps 4-6)

8. Schedule call with Product Owner, Web Prod Manager, Web Program Manager and vendor contact to discuss initial requirements, timeline and cost estimate

9. Web Program Manager sends vendor SOW template

10. Vendor drafts SOW and sends to Web Program Manager

11. Product Owner, Web Prod Manager and Web Program Manager review and make any necessary revisions.

12. Web Program Manager creates legal review bug and attaches draft SOW

13. Legal reviews and sends back SOW with revisions/feedback

14. Web Program Manager sends draft SOW to vendor contact for approval.

15. Vendor approves and sends signed SOW (if vendor has additional changes these will need re-review from legal. repeat steps 13-15 until vendor and Mozilla both sign off on SOW).

16. Web Program Manager attaches SOW to legal bug signed by vendor; assigns bug to Esmi

17. Esmi gets Mozilla VP or higher to sign SOW.

18. Esmi sends SOW to Web Program Manager

19. Web Program Manager sends SOW back to vendor

20. Web Program Manager schedules project kickoff

There are some variables including

  • In some cases the Creative team will handle the SOW and onboarding vendors when hiring for designs/creative only
    • If vendor is doing any creative work, make sure to get John Slater's approval before going to step 6.
  • For new vendors we have not previously worked with, we many need to define a process for vetting (e.g. references and background check.
  • The process differs slightly for individuals vs. agencies, but how so?