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The following steps may be followed in order to retire either a section or an individual page of a website.

Product Owner Actions

The following actions will be performed by the product owner of a website:

  • Writeup details about the page / pages that should be included in the retirement blog post, if necessary.
  • Provide web dev with the URL that visitors should be redirected to.
  • Identify any places in the website where the page / pages collected personal information:
    • ip address
    • email address
    • full name
    • username

Web Dev Actions

The following actions will be performed by a member of the web development team.

Prep Work

  • Perform an MXR search ensure that the page / pages are not being referenced by any other Mozilla products.
    • File bugs with each product to remove / redirect reference.
  • Identify the URL that all traffic visiting this page will need to be redirected to.
  • Database
    • Identify any database tables used by these pages that will not being used by the rest of the website.
    • Determine whether the pages are collecting any user identifiable information, such as email addresses, ip addresses, and user names.
  • Remove the code from the repository. Ensure that QA verifies these changes on the stage server.


If this data, and the tables storing this data, are not being used by other parts of this website, then webdev will need to write queries for ops to run to expunge user information from the database and drop the database tables.


Once the preceding steps have been resolved, the following steps can be performed on Stage. Once verified by QA, they may be performed in production.

  • File a Bugzilla ticket to have IT:
    • perform a push of the code changes.
    • redirect all traffic from the retired page(s) to the new page.
    • execute a query that expunges the user data identified above.
    • execute a query that drop any database tables identified above.