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This document contains a list of roles and process terminology used by the web development groups throughout a website's development process.


A primary person and secondary person must be identified for each of the following roles before a project commences:

  • Decider - The person who has the ultimate say in what will happen on and with the website. Typically the Product Owner. May have a group of Stakeholders who have interest in the decisions made.
  • Driver - The person responsible for organizing and ensuring the execution of either the entire project or a particular phase of a project.
  • Front End Developer - A person who writes the HTML, CSS and Javascript for a website. This person may be involved in UX decisions and creating mockups of the website.
  • Graphic Designer - A person in charge of site branding, graphics and possibly mockups of the website.
  • Infrasec - The security team, which performs a security check over the website after QA has finished executing their initial battery of tests on the site.
  • IT - The team responsible for maintaining the servers upon which the website is located, for both the stage and production instances.
  • L10N driver - A person responsible for leading the localization and translation efforts for a website, including coordinating volunteer efforts.
  • Legal - The team that examines all of the privacy and legal concerns surrounding a website.
  • Product Owner - The person who is the decider of all business decisions regarding a website, and is responsible the overall success of the site.
  • Product Marketing Manager (PMM) - A member of the Mozilla Engagement team who is the Product Owner for 1 or more web sites.
  • QA - The quality assurance team, which executes manual tests and creates automated tests across the website both after it is staged and after it is pushed to production.
  • Stakeholder - An individual who may influence decisions made by the Decider.
  • Technical Project Manager (TPM) - The driver of a website's implementation phase. May be a WPE or a technically savvy Product Owner.
  • UX Designer - An individual responsible for structuring and establishing usability, accessibility and Information Architecture of a website's UI.
  • Web Developer - A developer or a team of developers responsible for writing the code that will run the website.
  • Web Product Engineer (WPE) - A member of the Mozilla Web Development team who understands all phases of the development process, and has the primary task as filling the TPM role for multiple projects.


  • Channel - The IRC channel in which the project communication will take place on e.g. #spark, #markup
  • Code freeze - The point at which code can no longer be pushed to the primary Mozilla code repository. The project driver will notify the team when the repository is once again writeable.
  • Code review - The process of examining the code pushed to the code repository. A Steward will be responsible for the code review, and will communicate code approval, or code disapproval with constructive comments on how to fix the code.
  • Feature freeze - When all new features for the current release cycle have been committed to the master branch of the code repository, the teams are notified that no new features will be added.
  • Product owner - The person who is the champion for bringing a new website online, or managing the encompassing tasks of an existing website. This person is the final decider for a website.
  • Project driver - The project manager for the development of a website; typically a person who is experienced in all aspects of launching a website.
  • String freeze - The point at which text on the website will cease to be added to or changed. The localization team will commence translating text at this time.
  • Steward - A web developer who is responsible for interacting with external developers to help them write code appropriate for Mozilla environments.