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This page serves as a hub for Project Local Content.

Project Description

Project Local Content aims to deliver localized content to users of Firefox Desktop on Mozilla's websites, with a focus on the Firefox download page.

Project Purpose & Details

An SEM campaign with minimal investment in Vietnam led to a large and unexpected viral loop in that country for a short amount of time. Upon further investigation, social movements and cultural factors led users to relate to Mozilla's Mission, and therefore, led to a large referral loop in Vietnam for Firefox Desktop downloads. It is our hypothesis that with localized content on key domains will lead to higher conversion rates.

Key Objectives

To provide localized content for users in non-US countries, and to measure the change in user engagement seen in those locations after this content is provided. We are engaging users in non-US countries where there are cultural factors that allow for relation to the independence movement, and countries that have a high level of referral traffic which lead to new downloads of Firefox Desktop.


We will engage community leaders in countries that have shown potential for this viral loop and gather information which will help us develop language we can use on pages where localized content is displayed.

Further Information

  • Communications Channel(s): IRC, Basecamp, or other communications method
  • Team members (RASCI)
  • Notes & Meetings Hub
  • How to contribute
    • Contact fpolizzi on IRC or at

Website Information

  • Code name: Project Local Content

Teams Involved

  • Growth Team
  • Engagement Team
  • User Advocacy Team
  • UX Engineering Team
  • Community Contributors