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This is an informal session to gather requirements and discuss the scope of Snippets.

  • Start time: 2pm
  • End time: 2:55pm


  • Laura Forrest - PM
  • Mike Alexis - Web Program Manager
  • Chris More - TPM
  • Ryan Snyder - Web Dev
  • Les Orchard - Web Dev
  • Chrissie Brodigan - Engagement
  • Hamilton Ulmer - Stats


Snippet Service - Q2 Improvement Project

  • Objective: Make snippet service usable for non-technical users (Laura to provide details)
  • Improve tracking (Bug 653268 and Laura to provide details)
  • Other technical improvements that may be needed (Les to provide guidance)

Add HTML5 Awesomeness to Snippets - Q2 Engagement Project

  • Goal: Stop telling, start showing, the awesomeness of Fx4 to our users through interactive snippet experiences. Move the needle on feature adoption. Bug 653784
  • More on wiki page here
  • Let's schedule a Kickoff meeting this week

Snippet Service - General

  • Transition snippet service from Les to WebDev in general
  • Open question: Where within Bugzilla should snippet service improvements be filed?

Chris More (Laura sent responses to questions via email pre-meeting)

  • What have we done with snippets historically?

Here's a good overview.

  • What was successful and what wasn't?

Snippets are amazingly successful at upgrading users that are on old browser versions, telling people about new features, and providing qualified traffic to our engagement campaigns. Areas to improve: make them more compelling and interactive to better show users what Firefox can do, better tracking to understand CTR, rapid iteration.  

  • Where do we want to go?

In the immediate future see two projects above. Beyond that, keep developing the quality of content we show and get smarter about what we show, where, when, etc.

  • How can we ensure clicks are tracked so we can measure the success of a campaign? (webtrends query strings)

Continue use of Webtrends query strings.

  • Are there l10n considerations?

The strongest results often come from l10n-ized content. We should continue to translate and make it easy to batch load/import this content into the snippet service. More info here.

  • Why are Google Analytic UTM tracking variable on the "About Mozilla" link when we use Webtrends?

Legacy - should be changed.

Action Items

  • Mike/Chris: Talk to WebDev and see who would be interested in being involved with the project.
  • Laura: Create a more formal requirements document (managing snippets, HTML5 features to promote, analytic reporting, etc.)