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This is our weekly check-in meeting.

  • Start time: 3:30pm
  • End time: 4:00pm


  • Laura Forrest - PM
  • Mike Alexis - Web Program Manager
  • Chris More - TPM
  • Fred Wenzel - Flux


  • Review action items: Laura's requirements documentation here
  • WebDev interest?
  • Snippet Service Maintenance vs HTML5 awesomeness- should the two products have two different check-in meetings? Wiki pages? etc.

Past Open Items

  • Mike/Chris: Talk to WebDev and see who would be interested in being involved with the project.
  • Laura: Create a more formal requirements document (managing snippets, HTML5 features to promote, analytic reporting, etc.) (DONE) - lets review this in the meeting


  • Fred: No replies, but he talked to some people and there was interest.
  • Fred: We should give people some creative freedom
  • Laura: We do have priorities to give more focus.
  • Laura: We should have a brown-bag-like/brainstorm with developers on what should we create with HTML5 snippets.

Action Items

  • Fred: Will talk to add-ons people if we can do add-on HTML5 snippets
  • Laura: Talk to PMM Dan Horner about what kind of add-ons to feature
  • Chris: Schedule hacking session for HTML5 snippets (later in the afternoon with beer)
  • Laura: To give Chris access to the Snippets admin
  • Chris: Create tracking bug for Snippet Service Maintenance