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  • Laura Forrest
  • Chris More


Discuss dev resources

  • New flux WebDev starts on June 6th and it will take a few weeks to get him up to speed.
  • Possible to have another WebDev mentor him during this project.
  • How critical is the timing of this project? Part of Q2 goals?

HTML5 Snippet Hack Session

  • What: Get WebDev interested in Snippets on how to show to the world how awesome Mozilla is. Extra points for creativity (think of Google's homepage HTML5). We hope to create a few technical champions in WebDev.
  • Where: MV and all-hands in Portland.
  • When: June 3rd and week of June 20th in Portland.
  • What do we want to get out of the session? A few good working examples.
  • What do we need for the event? Free pizza + cupcakes over lunch
  • Where do we keep track of the HTML5 Snippets?

Snippets Survey

  • Where does the Snippets surveys fit into the HTML5+service improvements project? Is it part of the HTML5 implementation?



  • How about a HTML5 Snippets session during the webdev all hands?


  • Should we get UX people involved?
  • Snippet Surveys should be 3rd part of the project, but it could fit into the new HTML5 awesomeness abilities.
  • Metrics should own the Snippets survey piece, engagement still has a vested interest.

Snippets Priority:

  1. HTML5 (Q2 goal)
  2. Snippet Maintenance
  3. Snippets Survey

Action Items

  • Chris: Talk to morgamic about an all-hands webdev session on HTML5 Snippets hacking
  • Chris: Create email and send to WebDev about June 2nd Hack session. Etherpad:
  • Laura: Arrange for Pizza and cupcakes for the hack session.