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What are Snippets?


Between Firefox 4 internally hosted snippets and the launch of Firefox's amazing support of HTML5 goodness we've got the perfect opportunity to launch more creative, compelling, and interactive snippet content to the BILLIONS of visitors to the About:Home page.


Stop telling, start showing, the awesomeness of Fx4+ to our users through interactive snippet experiences. Move the needle on feature adoption.


If you still want to read more, check out the Snippets wiki page or more inspiration here

Getting Started

Examples Ideas

  • Persona Previews from within snippet
  • Complete Add-on install
  • Mini Video-like series (html5) of UI in action: Tabbed browsing, Panorama, App Tab, more
  • Web 'o Wonder in bite-size format
  • MDN Demo Studio in bite-size format
  • Game


Create library of at least 5 interactive compelling snippets in Q2 to be used the rest of the 2011.


  • Width: preferable liquid (572px max width)
  • Height: variable, but it should be more panoramic.
  • Background: transparent or white
  • Image sizes: optimized, but no limitation (within reason)
  • Code size: no limitation
  • L10n: Yes, strings must be able to be localized.


  • Snippets are HTML document fragments injected into the about:home document -- not complete documents themselves.
  • All HTML content must also be well-formed XML.
  • All images must use data URI scheme
  • JavaScript must be embedded into the HTML -- no external references.
  • All CSS must be embedded into the HTML -- no external references.
  • The snippet content should be compelling, but not distract from the overall "search" purpose of the page

Get Connected

Get Started

For help on getting this set up, please contact Mike Kelly.

HTML5 Awesomeness Snippets Gallery

Have you created something cool during this hackathon or another time? Create a link below to the Snippet idea.

If you don't have access to this wiki, please contact Chris More to contribute to the project. Thanks!!

Session Notes

Brainstorming thoughts:

  • 3D video?
  • Keep it in terms of the end users who may not know technology.
  • Can we link to or call up a specific snippet?
  • Survey: Does Firefox make you happy? yes/no
  • One issue is that it is difficult to share about:home
  • Mozilla Firefox favorite tweets
  • Stories of how Firefox changed your life
  • Can we support multi-touch with a trackpad?
  • Firefox features (app tabs)
  • Add-ons feature: Twitter add on, awesome screenshot, copy short URL
  • Website Time Machine: Pull a scroll bar back and forth 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010 to make websites look like they did then.
  • Glow live counter