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Testing a Snippet or Snippet Template

If you have a new snippet or snippet template that you want to test:

  1. Identify the range of versions you want to test on. A good rule of thumb is Nightly + Release at a minimum, going farther back in time the more complex the snippet gets. For example, assuming Nightly is on version 28, a complex snippet could be tested on Firefox 28, 25, 23, 21, 19, and 17.
  2. Add the snippet to the staging server at If it is a template, create a sample snippet using the template.
  3. Create a Client Match Rule that matches a custom name for your snippet, like "videosnippet". Add this rule to the snippet.
  4. Construct a URL for the browser.aboutHomeSnippets.updateUrl setting in about:config that will match only your snippet. For example:
  5. Contact one of the QAs for the project (via needinfo and CC if there is a bug for this) and give them the list of versions you want to test on, the expected behavior you want them to test for, and the URL you constructed to let them preview the snippet.

Testing a change to the Snippet Service

Testing a change to the service is similar to the steps above, including the notes about testing multiple browsers if the change affects the snippet output.

You should use instead of stage for service-based changes, and you should make sure to create snippets or any other data necessary to make your feature work.

Running Web QA's Automation

It's probably a good idea to also run Web QA's automation, found here, for dev/staging/production: To do so, simply log in with your LDAP, navigate to the test suite you want to run, and click the clock-looking icon to the far right.