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The following steps may be followed in order to retire a Mozilla website.

Retired Mozilla websites will be made remembered in the website-archive blog.

Privacy Concerns

This is the short list of data points we are concerned about expunging during the retirement process:

  • username
  • password
  • full name
  • email address
  • IP address
  • any profile data
  • user provided data
  • Web Logs
  • Primary db store
  • Backup copies of data


Product Owner Actions

The following actions will be performed by the product owner of a website:

  • Writeup details about the website that should be included in the retirement blog post.
  • Provide web dev with any relevant urls that visitors should be pointed to in the blog post.
  • Provide web dev with the rationale and URL where the retired website should be redirected.
  • Identify any places in the website where the site collected personal information as identified above.
  • Remove profile from Webtrends

Web Dev Actions

The following actions will be performed by a member of the web development team.

Prep Work

  • File a bug in Bugzilla.
  • Perform an MXR search ensure that the site is not being referenced by any of our products
    • File bugs with each product to remove / redirect reference.

Blog Post

  • Take a screenshot of the existing site.
  • Ask the product owner to provide any information about the site that should be recorded.
  • Create a blog post at It should include:
    • The dates this site was existence
    • The purpose of the site
    • Any specific reasons that the site was retired
    • A screenshot
    • Any relevant links that the reader should follow.


All of the user identifiable information, such as email addresses, ip addresses, and user names will need to be identified.

1. Examine the database schema and identify where the website is collecting user identifiable data as identified above.

2. Write queries for ops to run against the database to expunge user information from the database.


Bug tickets will need to be created to have ops:

  • Database
    • Expunge the data
    • Drop the database
    • Delete expunged data from backup tape.
  • Website
    • Disable any cron jobs for the site
    • Redirect all website visitors to the blog post or another identified URL
    • Remove the code from the server(s)


  • Make a note on the GitHub repo that the website is retired.

Open Items

  • Ops - How do we handle backed-up data?