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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm PST (21:00 GMT)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • 866-432-7917 (US)
  • 334-309-0297 (INTL)
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for attendance taking

In Attendance

bienvenu, blizzard, bsemdberg, darin, dmose, dveditz, hecker, justdave, justin, schrep, tim, preed, basil, rstrong, marcia, choffman, aravind, mscott, matt, karen, davel, mitchell, pav, asa, vlad, myk, dbaron, pkim, jlilly, cbeard


  1. Development Updates
  2. IT Updates
  3. Marketing Updates
  4. Roundtable
  5. Other Business

Development Updates


  • 1.0.8
    • Build
      • Respins for FF CJK due to bug 331234 are needed.
      • FF Mac l10n bits aren't available, due to a bug Preed is tracking down: bug 330959
      • These are behind build tasks.
      • TB - Needed to be respun with the correct date problem. Also, the Linux bits never got produced, so a respin is required.
      • Will build/test L10n bugs on a "best effort" basis as localizers update from the en-UB build.
    • QA
      • FF L10n testing after re-spins
      • TB testing has not yet commensed.
    • Build
      • Completed the trial build for FF universal binary (UB), with the Talkback fix included. Tested well. Ready for final build.
      • Need to look into FF update channel issues.
      • Start l10n for FF, since we'll have all the platforms
      • TB: Final tag set, respins, UBs worked out (possibly)
      • We are debating whether to ship UB for TB. There are signifcant issues here. One is bug 331511.
    • QA
      • FF testing to be done: Smoke test UB once final build is available. Start L10n testing. Update verification
      • TB testing to be done: UB testing - awaiting official binary. Need to continue with verifications (critical and security bugs). L10n testing


  • Started triaging bugs. This is the earliest we have started for the 1.5.0.x releases!
  • Starting with Blocker Nominations: ~22 triaged on Fri. 26 done today. 23 still in the queue.
  • Hoping to start approving patches and open the 1.8.0 branch ~Wednesday.

FF 2.0

  • All information updated here
  • A1 Has Shipped
    • Places backend
    • Extension blacklisting
    • Extension dependencies
    • Search plugin format changeover
    • RSS content detection
  • Planning begun for A2
    • Intended to be feature complete
    • Scoping of work begun
  • action: Review Planning Docs and give feedback in moz.dev.apps.firefox or moz.dev.planning

TB 2.0

  • We are sending out Firefox developer shirts to some of the Thunderbird 1.5 contributors who didn't already receive Firefox shirts. We're almost done with the thank you letters. Many thanks to Marcia and Karen for helping to send out the thank you packages.
  • Several of the Thunderbird 2 features are now available on the 1.8.1 branch for testing including folder views, new mail alert notifications, and folder summary tooltips.
  • getting close!

Gecko 1.9

IT Updates

  • Colo Progress
    • Network design drafts complete - will have breakout session on network design
  • Wiki & Firefox Flicks migrated to the LVS cluster
  • Firewall migration
    • More capacity - 5 minute or less outage at Meer
    • Planned for this weekend - more info to come
  • Newsgroups
    • Progressing slowly with Google - have several open tickets; posting through Google Groups and Giganews should be possible (according to Google)
  • Service Requests
    • Just a reminder to send all service requests through bugzilla - bugzilla link
  • Addons2 - rolling out this week.

Marketing Updates

  • Firefox Flicks Ad Contest well underway
    • ~70 submissions received so far
    • Contest ends April 14, 2006
    • This week, launching enhanced FirefoxFlicks.com with capability to view and share Flicks ads.
    • 4 Flicks ads to be screened at Vail Film Festival as part of Oscar Shorts Showcase on March 31.
  • Planning for Firefox 2 marketing launch beginning this week.
  • Updates to tools and infrastructure at SpreadFirefox.com coming this Spring, to enable SFx members easier ways to plan, initiate and share community marketing projects.
  • Mozilla will be co-hosting the 2006 XTech Conference in Amsterdam from May 16th to 19th, for more information see http://www.xtech-conference.org
    • We will be offering scholarships for Mozilla contributors to attend. cbeard is organizing.


Other Business

  • Mozilla Foundation sponsored a booth at the CSUN conference on technology and persons with disabilities, staffed by Frank Hecker, Mike Beltzner of the Mozilla Corporation, four student volunteers, and Aaron Leventhal and Mark Pilgrim of IBM. Overall for the Mozilla project the conference was an "over-the-top success" (to quote Aaron); Frank will post a more complete report on his blog. For the latest Foundation activities report see http://www.hecker.org/mozilla/foundation-activities