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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm Pacific time (21:00 UTC until March 9, 2008)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 650 903 0800 x91 Conf# 8600 (US/International)
  • +1 416 848 3114 x91 Conf# 8600 (Canada)
  • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600 (US Toll Free)
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for backchannel

note: all participants are muted automatically; if you want to talk, press *1 to un-mute yourself

Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Mike Connor nominated Robert Accettura this week. "Robert Accettura stepped up in a really huge way to get Reporter working again, despite a broken wrist: blog post and bug 389131 / bug 389128. Clearly someone's kicking ass."

Seth Spitzer and Dietrich Ayala have nominated Marco Bonardo (mak77@supereva.it) for friend of the tree. "He's been helping with Places on and off since July 2007. He's helped by optimizing our SQL queries and by fixing and triaging bugs. Most recently he did some in depth analysis of the indexes we have in the places database, suggesting several valuable improvements.(See bug 381795)

Development Updates

Fx / Fx / TB

Firefox shipped last week. Scheduling for has not occurred yet but the plan is to do a release before the end of the year.

Thunderbird testing has begun and it is expected to go into Beta on Tuesday, 11/6, if testing goes well. There will then be a week beta followed by a release on Tuesday, 11/13.

TB 3

Gecko 1.9

  • As of this morning we have one bug left on the platform blocking beta (technically, two, but one has already landed).
  • Big thanks to those who worked on beta blockers over the weekend: peterv, jonas, jst, and everyone else who reported on the issues.

Firefox 3

  • beta status:
    • one remaining bug blocking beta (bug 399664)
    • hopefully done by EOD
  • this week:
    • next steps on visual refresh to be discussed later today
    • lots of work waiting for tree to reopen.
  • looking at b2 before holidays

Calendar Project


  • Bugzilla 3.0.2 + patches coming soon, outage to be announced
  • Lots of minis
    • 50 machines arrived today
    • Images taken of perf minis
    • Working to get them racked, powered and imaged asap
  • New kernel update - all machines will need a reboot. Look for announcement this week
  • First HP blade chassis arrived, bring it up along with a new NetApp shelf for increased tinderbox/build infrastructure performance and capacity
  • Estimating China colo will be operational the second week in December


  • TB2009 waiting
  • unbranded FF2009 (free software builds) in progress.
  • waiting for FF3b1


Test Execution

  • Starting to use basecamp/grouphub to plan and track our testing tasks.
  • Security Releases
    • Shipped FFx!!! Release channel and live testing completed last week. [abillings, juanb, stephend, marcia, jay, tomcat]
    • Working on TBird Completed smoke tests and portions of BFT. This will be the first release of Tbird with Leopard as a key platform. [abillings, juanb, stephend, marcia, tomcat]
  • FFx 3:
    • Now tracking critical issues for QA in one place. This is to help focus and communicate issues that QA is finding, particularly issues that cross individual bug boundaries.
    • Setup M9 testing page.
    • Verifying platform and Firefox App blocker fixes to check for regressions
    • Helped aaronlev troubleshoot and fix an A11y problem with Window-Eyes crashing with trunk [timk]
    • Top site assertion testing: updated the top site lists to match current Alexa top 100 sites and performed a top site scan using a Linux debug build without any plugins. Investigating differences in assertions and the one crash which occurred. [bc]
    • Working with Hebrew localizers and testers to provide some help with R-to-L functionality [jay]
  • Remora - Stephend will start testing.

Test Development:

  • Created Litmus Testcases for Security/Privacy (Larry UI) [tomcat]
  • Continuing to develop user profiles for better configuration testing. [marcia]
  • Setting up a leak test process using the FFx3 debug builds. Running Leak Tests on Windows and Linux currently. Created a Meta Bug and leak Logs can be found here.[tomcat, bc]

Tools and Infrastructure

  • Talos: Doing the final shakedown for the basic set of mac minis for the move to production (bug 401146)!!! Worked on master config file. Got the 12 basic machines set up and running. Still looking at setting up some no-chrome machines. [alice, robcee]
  • Minotaur: Improving the automatable for partner builds. Created a partner.py script that will automatically download and install a localization of a partner build, run minotaur on it, and uninstall the build and move on to the next localization available for that partner build. This will also help the automation for L10n builds. [ctalbert]
  • Made progress getting slaves cloned for staging environment bug 402123 and leak+unittest-ing bug 397724 [coop]


  • Test Days
    • last one was on Friday Nov 2 - Topic: OS integration (results)
    • Two test days planned for this week(!): TBird on Wednesday and FFx 3 B1 on Friday.
  • Tuesday bug days are continuing.
  • QMO: Working on site design upgrade. This is part of the planned development of QMO to take it to the next level of community engagement. [jay]
  • Robcee, coop and bhearsum attended FSOSS. See Coop's Blog about FSOSS.




  • Meeting the team in Toronto.
  • Initial draft of a video contest to get screencasts for our knowledge base articles. [1]
  • Decision on article feedback and content categorization.

Retention Marketing - What's New Page test for 2008 update

Tested 2 test pages vs. current (control) page

  • Test page had 3.5x higher click-thru than the control page
  • 3% of users who hit the test page decided to download an add-on immediately
  • Plan to do another test for to test overall effectiveness of the whatsnew pages on AMO downloads



  • Hosted visit by FGV last week and will be gathering feedback towards a plan for collaborating with them in Brazil.




  • Continuing work on Firefox 3 documentation.
  • Evaluating some tools and software that may be used in the future to make MDC better, including Deki Wiki.


  • Prepared initial draft of plan for resurrecting "For the Record", a community-based public relations and press response program. I'll get the doc posted shortly. The program will start to roll this week or early next.
  • Held first "Ask Asa Live" on Friday. Will be moving that blog feature to video as a regular weekly interactive discussion at Asa Live
  • Initial planning for next Air Mozilla Live. Hopefully our first "remote" broadcast with Christian and possibly other Mobile guests. We'll be combining a local (here in Building K) live video stream with a remote feed from Christian in Europe. If this goes well, we'll be able to radically expand our interviewee pool.
  • Assisting with SFX2 work, and other Marketing activities.


  • Back from paternity leave, fought to a stalemate with the inbox.
  • Connected with blogger Chris Soghoian about some errors in his article regarding Mozilla/Google relationship and the feature-inclusion process for Firefox and other products.
  • Started distilling various threads into an "ES4 FAQ" to make it easier for people to get up to speed on what's being proposed, and who's objecting to what. Should be ready as a draft in the next day or two.

Web Apps

  • Starting to internally build some showcase web apps
  • Will use the web apps for:
    • Firefox 3 feature demos
    • SVG/Canvas for open web graphics
    • Does Firefox 3 break any web app UI frameworks (we have JS DOM/Effects libraries in the unit tests, but not so much for UI widgets)
    • Prism demos

Newsletter Experiment

  • Deb blogged about this on Friday
  • Have done a test run of a third-party service after evaluating several, looks good
  • Hoping to get at least one issue out before the end of November -- still trying to figure out which day to publish on each week, and need to work out some details with shaver
  • We have a mozilla-news-submissions@mozilla.org email alias set up. If you have news items that you think would be good inclusions in a newsletter, please send them in. Ideally, they should be publishable as submitted, and short. Think "headline + 200 words + a link" sort of thing. No guarantees on if they'll get published or when the first newsletter will go out.
  • Still trying to come up with a name -- if you can think of something better than "Mozilla News" and we use it, we'll send you a tshirt. Post ideas as comments on the blog post linked above.

Mozilla Labs

  • Extend Firefox
    • Submission tool shipping tomorrow - 11/6
    • PR push to media outlets and bloggers gaining traction
    • Banner ads launched last week on Read/Write Web, LifeHacker, Digg, and Gizmodo
    • Anyone who will be in MV for the co-working week who would like to participate in a video developer chat, please contact Rhian
    • Pulling together internal sources and past winners for periodic "developer chats" throughout contest. Please contact Rhian if you are willing to help!
  • Prism
    • now available for Mac OS X and Linux, with an updated build available for Windows;
    • blogged about it last Friday, with some thoughts on improving desktop-web integration;
    • working on a simple way to let you open a web application in Prism directly from Firefox without having to download Prism first.

Webdev, Add-ons, AMO

  • Created 3.2 branch for AMO reskin, set up of preview server
  • Working towards 3.2 milestone
  • Pushed a security update to AMO last Friday night, thanks to IT for their help with that
  • Reviewed reporter patch -- on Thursday reporter was updated. Thanks to Robert Accettura and Tomcat for their help with dev/QA.
  • AUS3 schema first draft posted -- work in progress
  • Finished up plugin updating feature request for mozilla.com -- now in QA phase
  • Working on ExtendFirefox contest site for Tuesday PM, also added banners to AMO for the contest
  • Triaged breakpad issues for beta1
  • Finishing up SUMO milestone 0.1 this week, thanks to Nelson Ko and the SUMO team for their help w/ 0.1

Foundation Updates

  • Grants and related expenditures
    • The Foundation is sponsoring an accessibility code-a-thon to be held November 17-18 at the University of Southern California.
  • Other
    • Zak has been working on putting together a set of conferences for which we'll have Foundation representation.

For more information see the individual status reports from David, Frank, Gerv, and Zak.


Other Business