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Video for today's meeting

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Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

  • nominating Margaret Leibovic and Philipp von Weitershausen for climbing the learning curve in writing localization-friendly code with their b7 blockers (Axel).
  • nominating Aleksej, Daniel, db48xOther, dickey, Fry-kun, gaby2300, Jan, kbrosnan, Mathnerd314 for contributing test cases as part of the multiple bugdays during the recent QA work week [ashughes]

Upcoming Events

This Week

Monday, 27 September

Tuesday, 28 September

  • Coffee/Brown Bag with Chris Jay Hoofnagle re Users' Views and Expectations on Privacy and Privacy Settings (10 Forward and Air Mozilla)--be there or be square! Contact Julie Martin if you have any questions.

Wednesday, 29 September

  • We host the jQuery Mobile project team meeting in R2D2/C3PO. Swing by if you want to see what they are up to.

Thursday, 30 September

Friday, 1 October

Next Week

Product Status Updates

Firefox 4

  • Code freeze for Beta 7 marches on! Another bunch of big changes have landed:
    • 64-bit builds for OSX
    • GC Compartments (tracemonkey only right now)
    • there are 30 blockers left which we hope to close out in the next couple of days
    • The tree remains closed to all other bugs until we hit this milestone

Firefox 3.6 and 3.5

  • Code freeze for 3.6.11 and 3.5.14 is tomorrow, 2010-09-28 @ 11:59 pm PDT
    • Please email Christian if you have a blocker that won't be done by that time
  • Post-mortem for 3.6.9/10 will be held on Thursday (see the wiki page for details)

Mobile Firefox

  • Beta one is close!
  • Please help test builds


  • Thunderbird trunk
    • add-ons manager has been brought back to life in a tab
    • now based on libxul
  • Account provisioning work continues



The limit is 3 minutes per speaker. It's like a lightning talk, but don't feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation.

Title Presenter Topic Media More Details
Game On 2010 Pascal Finette Mozilla Labs' "Game On 2010" Open Web games competition update tbd http://gaming.mozillalabs.com
Seabird Concept Phone Pascal Finette Some background on the Concept Series Seabird mobile phone concept http://mozillalabs.com/seabird http://mozillalabs.com/seabird
One Mozilla Domain Name Strategy David Boswell Proposal for a coherent domain name plan Proposal Governance thread
Change to OSX universal builds John O'Duinn blog post

Status Updates By Team






Release Engineering


QA Org Highlights
  • Q4 Goals locked and loaded!
  • WebQA
    • AMO 5.12 is currently planned to go out on 09/28
    • Certify/ship Input 1.8
  • Browser Technologies
    • Tested and shipped Jetpack 0.8
  • Desktop Firefox
    • Fx 4 Beta 7: Code freeze delay. Holding pattern for test execution.
  • Community
    • Testday for recent Sync changes last Friday with 13 bugs filed.

Automation & Tools

  • Temporary android automation running, continuing to work on final automation with Bear and Aki.
    • Android Talos is running within the buildbot framework
  • Started War On Orange discussions with Metrics team and RelEng for a Hadoop centric build/test log storage
  • Have Mozmill testing ready for production on buildbot for Mac and Linux, working through the last issues with Windows - bug 516984
  • More information is always on our page






Creative Team





Developer Tools




Introducing New Hires

  • Jason Grlicky, Webdev

Foundation Updates