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What it is about the web that we love?

The goal of this project is provide a shared understanding of those traits and what they are. To ask the question how do these traits move our missions forward? In the past it was obvious, but today we need to be clear about it to help guide the way as the world gets more complicated. We need to be able to evaluate the future without our history driving this agenda. We may need a new term, like “Open Internet”, that encapsulates these traits that brought us here but provides guidance to blaze a new path.

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Project Milestone

Milestone Date Status
Inital Draft End of April Completed
Expand Conversation Past Core Group Pre-London Underway
London Presentation - Belgrave Metropole East Tower Wednesday June 15, 2016 15:00 - 16:25 Not Started


irc channel #wtwmtm

People Involved

  • Executive Sponsor
    • Mitchell Baker
  • Drivers
    • Martin Best
    • Martin Thomson (potential)
    • Jonas Sicking
  • Contributors
    • Anyone that would like to join the conversation!