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Agenda - Planning Meeting - 2010-04-01

  • Discussion with David Boswell (Mozilla Foundation) about the WoMoz Newcomers Team initiative
  • Newcomers Roadmap
  • Integration on mozilla.org Website
  • Update on womoz 2010 Roadmap: contacting community leaders (Delphine)
  • Overview: Video Subtitles (women in open source video) and Survey/Video idea

Meeting Notes

  • Discussion with David Boswell
    • Getinvolved page: the newcomers channel should be the main thing there on that page (http://www.mozilla.org/contribute/)
    • The mozilla.org Getinvolved page could be the "main entrance" for newcomers. There could be a live chat there for instance, or any other way to highlight the newcomers team and channel on this page. We should start thinking of ways to work on this and on ways to integrate the newcomers team/channel inside of the mozilla.org website
  • Newcomers Roadmap
    • contact all of womoz members: who wants to help out on this?
    • determine the exact Roadmap for the Newcomers team with them
    • 8th of April: Contributors call with David about this
    • Think of ways to integrate the Newcomers initiative within mozilla.org. Then share this with the other members from each Mozilla team concerned by the newcomers initiative, to see how we can work on this with them, gather their feedback and ideas, etc. In April we can set up calls (twice a week) with these people from the different departments and see their opinions. Not just one person from each department but a many as they want
    • Share this with all the other womoz members to gather feedback as well
    • Milestone: we should have started the calls to gather feedback in April. The Newcomers Roadmap should be built before Whistler ideally (June).
    • At Whistler, combined with our other idea of "Helping Others with Giving Talks" training sessions, we will hold some training sessions for the future Newcomers tutors (setting up their newcomers team, how to explain the different projects that exist, explaining how to contribute to mozilla and the mozilla mission, etc) -> submit these sessions for the Whistler program
  • Integration on mozilla.org Website
    • Do a list like this for example for each main project:
      • DRUMBEAT: loca, QA, design, etc
      • Womoz: web design, localization, qa, dev, etc
    • maybe better to have a live chat directly when you arrive on the mozilla.org page (no use to install irc client, easier, faster, simpler)
    • feature projects every week, so that newcomers can jump on a project easily and quickly
    • put contact forms on another page: the newcomers team contacts
    • have tutors from all areas (marketing, evangelism, etc.) 2-3 pp for each team
    • have a list of concrete projects ready and online, and inside each project the team of newcomers that are going to help them from the start
    • employees and community members / local leaders should be encouraged to be tutors
    • we need evangelism people and coding / development tutors (-> paul can seek community members, lukas blakk, anamaria, Miriam, etc.) - > important that the tutors be already comitters on Mozilla code
    • user interface tutors -> ask aza raskin for people interested in mentoring -> delphine will contact him
    • labs -> Aza Raskin can help out,-> Delphine will contact him; Pascal Finette: Alina will contact him
    • Drumbeat -> find people also, they have started running some projects (maybe matt thompson?)
    • find a person for every featured project in drumbeat as well
    • metric team: have stats about how much pp contribute on all the emails we receive? -> contact the people that don’t contribute or stop contributing, set up a Survey to send them to find out why they didn’t continue, what we can do better?
    • have the Mitchell Baker Tree on mozilla.org? (Idea from alina)
    • in general, let's try to underline more the Mozilla mission through the mozilla.org website. Brainstorming sessions could be held at Whistler on how to tell the Mozilla history and explain Mozilla mission. Gather feedback. Create a Template presentation for this and explain Mitchell's Tree
  • Update on womoz 2010 Roadmap: contacting community leaders (Delphine)
    • Gathering of feedback has started: mails sent to Localization Teams and Sumo team in order to identify the women contributors. Still some more mails to send: list of all Mozilla Communities still to be sent to
    • Very few women in these communities for the moment: 6 in all!!! (sumo and loca combined)
    • Analysis and stats will start once all mails sent and sufficient feedback gathered -> hopefully by mi-April / End of April
  • Overview: Video Subtitles (women in open source video) and Survey/Video idea
    • Finishing the transcription of Lukas Blakk's "Women in Open Source" Video at FOSDEM.
    • Localization of English text will then start (+/- 2 weeks)
    • Subtitles will then start rolling in
    • Concerning survey/videos: Gloria has 3 videos she is working on and that she will submit soon. We will then be able to concentrate on how to combine efficiently the survey and video idea in order to gather relevant feedback
  • Idea suggested during meeting:

Is everyone OK with doing calls now for the meetings, instead of IRC? Or is IRC still a better option for you all?