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Meeting Notes

  • Participants: Mariana, AlinaM, Gloria (Izel) and Delphine
  • What We have:
    • the list of women contribs
    • Mozilla HR should send list of women employees soon
    • We can ask if our poll can be checked by OWF-GED poll "experts" team -> maybe some can help us elaborate some questions even
    • to understand / an overview of the profile of the women working and contributing in Mozilla at the moment and their activities and perceptions in the institution. (reformulate: maybe start with a verb, sounds better for a poll)

-> we all agree, we just need to formulate it better

    • To detect areas of improvement related to gender issues in Mozilla and FLOSS communities for further actions and to give more visibility to women's work
    • PBS:
      • past members: how to contact them if they're not there anymore? SOLUTION = adding a question in survey that the community members might be able to answer: "has anyone left? Why? Contact?(optional)

-> (15:48:02) delphine: well maybe we can just add a small question to know this just in case in internal, and think from tehre and from teh answers how we can develop this for teh external survey? (15:48:31) delphine: marianyka: yes but maybe some people here now can tell us who was here before? Or might know of other people who do? I dunno... (15:49:10) delphine: so like we could go through that point quicly with one question in the internal survey and work to develop it more for the external..... but I'm not an expert in surveys so really I don't know how well this could work (15:51:06) marianyka: i'd go just with one question at the end: do you know someone who left? can you give us the contact for further polls? YES!!!

    • PBS:
      • We can't know EXACTLY number of women, because some are underground / invisible / etc. So this is a close estimation:

-> (16:02:51) delphine: ok so maybe we should formulate clearly from teh beginnning (16:03:04) delphine: that we've contacted the most visible and active women contribs in mozilla (16:03:14) Izel: yes I agree (16:03:17) delphine: and that therefore the number is " a close estimation" (16:03:33) delphine: because there is always an "underground/invisible" part (16:03:45) delphine: because the question I asked the community leaders was: (16:04:05) delphine: from the most active and present contributors in your community, who are the women? and how many men? (16:04:18) delphine: this explained in 2 short sentences maybe YES + send to all listed here:http://www.mozilla.org/community/directory.html

    • list of women to contact from the community leaders (output from the first road-map task).
    • PBS:
      • video/survey connection! Let's do 2 separate tasks from these, they stay related while being independent. We'll focus more on written survey for the internal survey
    • main issues:

listed under pbs

    • next steps:

we stopped at Measuring Instrument: Limesurvey idea. Next meeting: elaborate questions: mariana sends doodle chart FOR next meeting: see what questions can be recycled from here: http://wiki.april.org/w/OWF-GED_Poll